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'Ravi Shastri was the unanimous choice' – Kapil Dev

The three-member CAC heard from five applicants during the selection process

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  1. The Indian middle order was unsettled while going into the world cup , even after years and years of experimentation . Did they talk about that before choosing shasthri.

  2. Virat retire honee tak ravi shastri rahega bhi nasha karega bhi 🤣 dum hai to roklo 🤣🤣🤣 pedoda ravi shashtri ko raka hi esleye ki hardhik jaysa log enjoy karsake

  3. The problem with ravi is he wont question kohlis tactics and weird team selection.
    Captain is the boss, but when a captain repeatedly makes mistakes coach has to step in and correct that.

  4. This result was known 2 weeks of ago..what's the point of going thru all these selection process farce and melodrama?? 🤔

  5. Then why so much drama for selection of coach, shastri is just enjoying in BCCI money, India is going to loose another WC in 2020.

  6. Bade besharm lagate ho side muskarate huge fixed drame ka explanation dete waqt

  7. আমি রবিশাস্তিরি কে চাঈ

  8. Sir u r very respected & senior cricketer who at this stage of age shouldn't get moulded by any kind off monetary or personal benefit as you have achieved what many dream off. Totally disappointed by the decision.

  9. U r such a rootless leader u really don't know anything about choosing the right man for Indian cricket… Tum puchne wale hote kon ho vai tum tu sirf ek robot ho Jaha codes are already puting on your software… My foot selection committee. Tum log apni apni laav ke liye Indian cricket Ko majak Bana Dale … Aur jyada din dur nahi maxim T20 World Cup se India har ke ghar Ane tak wait karlo vailog tumlogoka dukan bandh ho jay3ga

  10. How can a coach can be relected on the basis of presentation.. Something is Wrong here.. Presentation doesn't mean results on the ground… Shame

  11. Ravi Shashti is the best choice. Only dumb people can't see that. Gained more respect for Kapil Dev for being brave enough for the right decision.

  12. Unanimous nahi Virat ke saamne gaand phat jati he sab ki

  13. Brainless captaincy, brainless management, insahllah boys plays really well😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. It's bad selection totally politics in cricket

  15. So Mike hason Will be Bangladesh new coach

  16. Politics man politics…….I have lost my interest in Indian cricket.

  17. Indian cricket is ruined for his term. What about new selection committee? I guess they are doing a great job not having a number 4 and 5 for a while and no backup for 1 and 2.

  18. Is Kapil Dev trying to tell us Shastri is a coach? When you have coaches of the calibre of Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble, should you even be considering a commentator? Worrying.

    P.S. "Mushkil tau nahi keh saktay magar TOUGH hoga" – Kapil Dev

  19. Kitne paise liye kapil ?????
    10 lakh 15 , 20 bol

    1983 me lachche marke world cup jita tha to tu hero na tha aur na rahega

  20. Unanimous decision was already made !! It was declared now after making all this nonsense so no one will question his appointment like in case of kohli's appointment, Great gavaskar asked about procedure.

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