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Raw vision: The emotion of England's incredible win

Our cameras captured all the emotion of the fans and players from both sides during a history-making day of Test cricket at Headingley


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  1. Stokes strokes are brilliant

  2. England took one Kohinoor from India and this one another Kohinoor from New Zealand called Benstokes

  3. My summary for Ben Stokes
    P: Pro
    E: Energetic
    R: Ridiculous
    F: Fighter
    E: Emotions
    C: Control
    T: Talented

    And this is all called PERFECT

  4. I watched amazing match In my life

  5. Test Cricket at its best.
    Ben Stokes played – "An Innings of Life Time".
    It will remembered as a Epic Moment in Cricket History.

  6. I'm from bangladesh strokes is super human

  7. This match was amaging I never seen in my life that's in test matches.But in this match stock's your the legend

  8. This match was amaging I never seen in my life that's in test matches.But in this match stock's your the legend

  9. I love these type highlights

  10. Australia :who's next stan Lee

  11. From 2:35what a moment.goose bumps

  12. Poor presentation ….U should have used the massive hits of benny

  13. This is better than any movie I can remember,
    Love and respect from india

  14. 👍🙂
    This will be one of the best test match in the history of cricket.
    And thanks to cricket.com.au for showing the cricket spirit, by uploading this video.

  15. Eng cricket got MSD now enjoy lots of wins..

  16. Ben Stock good Player love from Pakistan

  17. Test cricket is still alive bqz ben Stokes is here

  18. 01 fumble and AUS lose 05 days

  19. Real hero of cricket
    Kohli , rohit etc 🤣🤣 🤣

  20. Stokes is gonna be a legand od the England crick team

  21. This match win also umpire like world cup

  22. Benstokes for england
    England for benstokes

  23. Respect to the Aussies! Great video! Can't wait for the 4th test 😁

  24. What a fantastic test match I have ever seen

  25. One of the greatest all rounders

  26. I love you australian cricket. England would never do this if you've won.

  27. when you dont have the rights

  28. Such a wonderful player
    Love you Ben Stokes 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  29. I love benstrokes,……………….. God bless englend. Good time starts now

  30. Sentiments expressions emotions happiness sadness all were there in stocks because of stokes

  31. Very sporting on the part of cricket Australia. Great TV.

  32. This genration best finisher and daring bats man The great ben stokes

  33. That was the greatest inning ever

  34. The pub guy is still in vision

  35. Emotional win by Ben stoke

  36. Respect for the English crowd making test cricket alive

  37. One word to describe fatabulous stoksy

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