Tuesday , March 9 2021
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Ray Dalio says US is on brink of 'terrible civil war' due to politics, wealth

Billionaire Ray Dalio tweeted out a lengthy reaction to the United States’ current affairs. The Bridgewater Associates founder wrote in a tweet that “our country is still in a terrible financial state and terribly divided.”

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  1. When the left has been waging a culture war for the last 70 years the next step is civil war. What did you expect. These people are insurgents.

  2. Not politics. Extremist ideologies.

  3. Republicans have lost all credibility and ground to stand on with the majority of the American people for the insurrection they are responsible for! No one believes billionaires ,fox ,or Republicans anymore! Time to wise up citizens and vote these Republicans out as much as possible!

  4. I don’t believe that. Most folks don’t want a war. The button pushers are trying for us to get one going. But, to many peaceful people. Something the button pushers can’t seem to understand. Most people learn early, peace and love. And a whole lot of us have basic human empathy. Sorry, War Hawks.

  5. I would agree with you if not every member in the house answering it have more money the most of us will ever know. Look it up I don't think there's anybody there net worth less than a mill. They're trying to get us distracted between each other so we won't pay attention to what they're doing.

  6. This has been building for 30 years. It’s nothing new. The “Brunchers” think everything is fixed now that Biden won. They’re in for a shock.

  7. perhaps that's exactly what we need, afterall it sure would get rid of a lot of the liberal idiots

  8. Democratic Party is destroying America.

  9. Hey ray, here's a news flash. That's what the dems want. They could care less about the country or it's people. Power that's all that matters.

  10. The only thing people really had was their vote, now that Is gone.

  11. It's All Because Of Selfish Power Hungry Toxic Politicians Called Democrats Is Why There will Be Hell To Pay For Their Insolence. Unfortunately, Children Who Are To Young To Fully Understand Will Become Collateral Damage. IT'S NOT RIGHT!

  12. That is the only thing that might get their attention! You can't talk or vote them out something has to change!!!!

  13. Dalio is just trying to sell his new book

  14. Discrimination against political beliefs is ILLEGAL: Civil Rights Act of 1964. File lawsuits asap!!!!!

  15. You can only push people so far and stealing the election did not help .

  16. Congress needs to cooperate to get things done, for We The People. It should not be constant Dems vs Rep! Yes, Dems won, but know let’s all work together to help, We The People. So tired of Grid Lock. The whole nation is Grid Locked. Let’s be Americans not AmeriCANTs. At least Musk in the private sector giving the nation some kind of direction the EV’s, battery storage, solar cells, global WiFi, and multiplanet species

  17. Blue collar jobs keep moving to China. More automation means fewer blue color jobs. With covid we found out you can work from home which pulls jobs from lower down. People with jobs are constantly being retrained every few years with a new job and stagnant wages. Careers are usually your white collar jobs. Open borders keeps thinning out what few jobs there are at the bottom. Many people would rather accept welfare. Close borders, move more manufacturing back to the USA. Yes, the middle class will pay more for goods but jobs would be available.

  18. 21st century and war still exists. What is wrong with humanity. So much money spent on defense that causes so much destruction. Russia, China, USA, Europe should have a big meeting and iron things out. With that huge group cooperating easier to but out small world fires. So much suffering worldwide.

  19. Varney says Dalio is stupid for calling for a Civil War. Now go and read the comments below, please.

  20. Biden is the most popular President ever in America … really? Must be south America cuz it sure ain't here,
    For all you leftists whining about losing jobs… remember… he's better than Trump guys. You voted for that.
    For all the people who warned of this… yall sit back with me and laugh at them. We tried to warn you and now you're seeing that they will have no use for you because holding all 3 law making sections of the government means they can import illegals that will owe them their loyalty.. and will give it. Congrats to the black voters who voted dem, you played yourselves. Next time, look at the policies and think of the big picture, well at least now you can play the victim of the democrat party. So there's a consolation. No one has ever hated you, ever. Those days ended when we all came together under MLK Jr. You allow yourselves to be bamboozled by those morons that cry out you're oppressed! It's not your fault. Time to step up for real now… you have equality, since the dems will now import the votes needed, you are equally worthless as we are… sad change of events no?

  21. The corrupt Democrats and the spineless Republicans knew this would happen if Trump became President. They knew that their gravy train would be exposed by Trump. Well, it has. That was why they tried to get rid of him since the beginning. The spineless Republicans thought they could control him when he became President, but they found out how wrong they were. So, they conspired with the corrupt Democrats to make him lose re-election. But, this gave birth to the new Patriots Party. Lol

  22. He hears the people and the people know the economy is being destroyed to plant socialism getting free ride until they have to work under a rule, same as communism.

  23. It’s true ; we had an election stolen in front of us and our shitty fraud government let it happen!!! Biden is an embarrassment and the world is laughing at him

  24. Yes let’s purge the system

  25. I totally agree. No way America can vote themselves out of this mess

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