Sunday , December 5 2021
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Reading, math scores down for students: Report

Wall Street Journal columnist Bill McGurn offers analysis on ‘Fox Business Tonight’

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  1. Our so called education experts are so hopped up on critical race theory , gender identity, and crazy ideologies that forever dumb down students of all colors.Look at Finland, They are doing it right.Stop with the stupidity.WHO THE HELL GAVE THESE PEOPLE CREDENTIALS INTHE FIRST PLACE ! THE WIZARD OF OZ! Or maybe they found them in a cracker Jack's box.

  2. the demographics of USA is changing rapidly. so much to say that is 'incorrect' truth but cannot be tolerated by today's society

  3. That's what the Democrats want.

  4. I believe the public education system is intentionally dumbing down our children. As substandard academics creates generations of servants for the wealthy. Basically keep people dumb and in poverty. The wealthy don't like sharing power which is what separates them from everyone else.

  5. Dems will always win in Virginia, because of election fraud. I saw it in 2018 on TV, when I voted there, before moving to Texas.

  6. Colleges are reporting the majority of incoming freshmen are not ready for college level work. Math & language skills are far short of what is needed.


  8. I am really grateful to YouTube for introducing me to 👆👆 they’ve changed my life

  9. Reporter Nancy what is 2 add 4 =
    Nancy replies . let me think .. 22 trillion ?.

  10. You mass of disinformation! Your child is next

  11. What about white kids? How far down have they gone? I guess white kids don't count.

  12. It’s simple. Throw more money at the teachers, because, it’s all about the children.

  13. Stunning??!! As a former educator, I know what's been going on. That's why I'm out.

  14. Dems don't want an education. They want just the paycheck for participation.

  15. The children are too busy learning how to hate a certain race.

  16. I wonder why. Our “Woke” Schools no longer educating, but indoctrinating.

  17. That’s what dems want stupid people will just follow them blindly when they give them free money let’s go brandon

  18. Why are the wealthy making rules for public schools when their own kids don’t attend them… hmmmm… maybe to teach our kids to remain in an oppressed position.

  19. Homes that have no books in them. Kids learn by example. There is nothing wrong with insisting kids learn critical thinking skills. That's what adults are supposed to pass on to children. If they don't benefit from our experience, what's the point? And I'm guilty as well as the rest of us, allowing social media to suck away the time that should be invested into actually DOING the things that need done. Whether that's teaching your children, or doing the chores around the house. Invest in yourself. If your situation sucks, work your way out of that situation. If it's the area you're in, MOVE. Cut back on wants and focus on needs, you'll find the money you need to make things better. It's not the easy path, it's just the only path forward.

  20. Cell phones, and parents who are not invested in their child's education are a big part of the problem. State testing is also at fault. Florida eliminated state testing and turned the assessment responsibility over to local districts. Students are passed to the next grade regardless of their achievement level.

  21. Teachers getting paid to fail on epic levels

  22. It’s always been like that in public school’s! As long as they pass a state test they study for all year their ok! Well no they are not! Public Schools are only as good as their staff!

  23. 👆 send me 0.5btc today so I can pay up my rent so amazing

  24. 👆 send me 0.5btc today so I can pay up my rent so amazing

  25. Only solution is to terminate all Public schools and give that money to Private and Charter schools.

  26. Test scores are like votes, worthless. In the liberal education system where standards are lowered and everyone gets an A scores are really just for amusement.

  27. When I was young I would read a book when I couldn't go out and play.
    Now, thanks to phones, kids don't even go out to play. They just tune out on their phones with "social" media apps.

  28. Pretty sure you'll find a direct correlation to the time that core learning was introduced

  29. That's how the government like 👍 it. Followers not leaders, easier to control.

  30. The browning of America. This was to be expected. Also teachers are too busy with liberal indoctrination to teach actual academics.

  31. In other news, sales a up 8% at marijuana dispensaries.

  32. Of course they are down their idea for making people equal is to dumb all the kids down

  33. Fire these mooching teachers that don't do anything

  34. The only people paying noisy loiters are the ones that hate america and will stop at nothing to ruin freedom.

  35. Imagin that kids that get more credit for protesting and making an arse of themselves instead of studying actual productive things. Maybe we need to be rid of the activists in the classroom and bring back real unbiased teachers. Just a thought

  36. So will states follow Oregon's lead and pass these kids despite failing all their core classes? Way to go liberals!

  37. Thanks Biden!! Let’s go Brandon

  38. After what we have seen the past few years.
    Teachers don't know how to teach anymore.
    Teachers are all
    Social Warriors now.
    Lets take our kids out and homeschool,private
    charter and christian.
    Public schools are pathetic anymore.

  39. Why is this a surprise? Even worse now. Indoctrination is a process.
    Intelligent people will not just lay down for socialism/Communist control. It is more important to keep people dumbed down than you think…but you are not supposed to think. Right?

  40. We are producing a
    codependent, racist, divided society! Our children will all be fkn stupid!!! Stop the madness ! Pls with the CRT! It’s wrong!!!!!! What’s the matter with ppl? I swear to God! 🤦‍♀️ smh

  41. That's OK. American kids can do laundry and clean house for the Chinese Communists when they take over the world. They won't be qualified to do much more. Thanks Joe! FJB!

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