Reality check along the border | GMA

Border communities in the United States and Mexico are struggling to adjust to the influx of migrants. And, there is a new legal fight over immigration policies. READ MORE: #Border #Migrants #LegalFight #ImmigrationPolicies #GMA

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  1. So I want to know why all of the comments I read are negative – (which i agree) this is one of the most obvious ways Biden and whoever is pulling his strings – has shown me that they dont really care about us. This is one of the biggest travesties I in my 69 years have ever witnessed. God Help Us. Do we realize how many terrorists, drug dealers, criminals we have let in??????????? WTH And no one is talking about it. What is the lefts justification? How are they twisting this to seem anything but immoral?

  2. Article 4, Section 4: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.” This government is illegitimate.

  3. A wonderful opportunity for the illegals would be donate their healthy organs to speed up the immigration process

  4. So many people coming over our borders this is going to be called the United states of the world 0:09 0:09 world world

  5. Oh here we go with the useless one. She's a biden joke

  6. It's a humiliation ritual by the central bankers. The US went into its 3rd international bankruptcy at the inception of COVID.

  7. We are absolutely handling the border with way too light of a hand.
    We cannot handle it like a small child soccer team coach. "Everyone's a winner and ice cream cones is not going to get it done"… Americans are not opposed to immigrants. Just like a store owner is not opposed to customers. But when those customers start sneaking in the back door and stealing things from the store, that's a problem. All of the bleeding-heart liberals that think this is okay at the border need to move there.

  8. Woke culture is killing us.

  9. I think that Hispanic people reporting on immigration issues is a conflict of interest.

  10. Obama started our destruction and biden finushed it. Purpose? Make America a non-white country.

  11. See 1:50 in video!
    Biden-Harris Administration agenda is warped. I can't believe what all they've forced upon us.

  12. Send all of them illegals back we don’t need them.

    We can also send them Biden and his administration we don’t need them either


  14. A country with no borders is not a country as a border is what separates that country and keeps it safe from other countries. Would you leave the doors of your house wide open day and night .
    Thank you to the Democratic Party and all those who voted democrats 👏 .
    I really believe they would still vote for Biden no matter what because they hate Trump ( a man who loves our country or what’s left of it ) and they rather see our nation in ruins than to vote republican.

  15. 2:00 but they want us to think they are serious.

  16. Illegal versus legal migrants. Stop calling them migrants they are not Migrants. they have entered america Illegally. Which makes them illegals. Not citizens, not migrants not voters, not workers,' illegals. I come from Florida, where legal migration is a very big thing. Everybody lives together works together and understands that ILLEGAL INCURSION INTO USA.. destroy all. Florida has a lot of migrants but not as many illegals as you would think, and we don't want them. There are plenty of citizens and plenty of legal migrants who want to work. These people are not migrants they are illegals. Stop calling them migrants they are not migrants. ILLEGAL INCURSION DOES NOT EQUAL MIGRANTS. Please call them what they are. Language changes minds. This is proper description.

    It doesn't matter if the biden Regime let them in the door.Our constitution stands for us and firm in this that illegals are what they are

  17. Done by Design to destroy America and you're okay with that?

  18. Too late you should have reported on this a long time ago we're all doomed

  19. Today's politicians are all millionaires, and we're struggling to pay rent. They're selling us down the Rio Grande, and we're funding the whole $#!tshow. Treason at every turn. Biden and countless others were against funding Trumps border wall but my tax dollars are going to fund a border wall in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Oman ($410 million dollars), meanwhile we need to raise the debt ceiling to cover all this crap. Just remember, "walls don't work" everyone. Afghan FBI wanted terrorist just crossed into the US from the Mexico border and was captured by Border agents. Slap in the face to all GWOT veterans. These are not the droids you are looking for. You can go about your business. Move along. Move along.