Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Recall Newsom organizer: ‘Draconian’ COVID rules will hurt California for decades

Recall Gavin Newsom organizer discusses the nearly two million signatures collected for the effort and how the governors’ policies will impact California businesses for decades.

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  1. Good luck … These Democrats cheat at every opportunity, then hide their cheating, and won't listen. They own the courts, they own the media, and they think they own us!

  2. As a seasoned citizen I remember when California was the third largest economy,…now it's fifth and they're bragging.

  3. The slimey greasy headed snake oil salesman Newsome's days are near the end as Governor of beautiful California.


  5. Future of California is more important than any political party !!!

  6. Newsom is a disaster
    Cuomo is a disaster

  7. I’m surprised he hasn’t written an EO in a last ditch effort to stop voters from recalling him.
    This time.. this is one vote he can’t take away from the voters .. 👍🇺🇸
    Recall Newsolini..

  8. I spent my summers in California as a teenager and loved it so much. My family still out there tells me the CAlifornia that I remember and love is long gone. Breaks my heart

  9. This moron is dreaming. Newsom is here to stay and when done moves on to be the US president.

  10. newsome is gonna find out that aunt nancy (pelosi) can't protect him forever.

  11. This video. Views throttled. Video hidden from notifications. Coof disclaimer. You can't censor truth. Do you know why you can't stop us? It's because we are talking to each other, in real life, off the Internet. I know that is a concept that is foreign to you. These people have truly forgotten what it is like to be human.

  12. Fantastic get this swamp plastic ken doll looking egomaniac. Stand strong for our country and it's time for all swamp rats leftists to get out of our government


  14. 800$ to register my truck every year is ludacris! On top of smog chk every other year 1000$. Seriously wtf Gavin

  15. 520,785 deaths 29,052,262 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  16. Let's start the healing process by getting rid of blue dominance in California.

  17. 1:38 what a dummy yeah it’s his fault… the protest as well

  18. The GOP is equally guilty with Trump of inciting, enabling and supporting a violent insurrection aimed at destroying the foundation of the U.S. Constitution, free and fair elections. Any GOP representative in Congress who values his/her honor and integrity, and who puts country over party, has no place in the GOP criminal organization!

  19. I hope Disney loses a lot of money. They can move to China for all I care. They like them a lot.

  20. Newsom's actions have also depleted the mental wellbeing of all age groups! It's not just money that'sbeen lost. SMH…😐

  21. How bout getting a working class guy instead a spoon fed Liberace to run the state for once !

  22. I dont think California will ever recover from the damage this one man has done. The homeless, business that left and shut down, crime in America its over people

  23. No more free money, Open the State.😠

  24. Lockdown don't work .. democrats no that all they like having power.

  25. Gavin is trying to cheat by ordering mail in ballots only voting way for now on in California.

  26. Expel Nancy. Impeach Newsom. Send the clown car packing California

  27. Ive never been proud of california for anything. But if they get nuisance removed….thatll make me proud.

  28. August thru September?? Not soon enough.

  29. I don’t know why no one hasn’t figured this out yet…. the fact Gavin Newsom is the personification of Lucifer

  30. Gavie is trying to open the state now to avoid the recall. To late Gavie! Hoping you’re toast!

  31. The Dumocrats will hurt CA for decades — and have.

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