'Recipe for disaster': Ponting picks apart England batters | HCL Ashes Analysis

Australia’s all-time leading Test run-scorer Ricky Ponting picks apart the techniques of under-fire England batters Rory Burns, Haseeb Hameed and Ollie Pope after England slumped to a 275-run defeat in Adelaide

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  1. Never good expectation from burns always bad performer

  2. Burns swings his bat every ball even with intentions to defend he's swinging..
    just too many unnecessary moment

  3. I think we're overlooking the quality of the Australian bowling. The quality and the depth of Australian seam bowling has never been better than just now. I don't believe any past England batting line up would have done much better against this attack

  4. What does Ponting know about batting? He only ever scored a few thousand runs against England in a dozen or so tests! His analysis should be taken in context of his poor batting against England.

  5. Burns can play, as evidenced by three gutsy centuries in an England shirt (along with several fifities). He's just in a bad place at the moment and needs to tinker with his technique. I don't understand the hate towards the only somewhat competent test batsman Eng have produced in the last 8 years…………… Opening in test cricket is the hardest its been in a long time

  6. Ponting spot on legend
    England very poor simple there county standard no coaches very poor coaching and very lazy coaches
    England techniques very poor batting poor
    Bowling no variety no pace no left armer
    No spin off any world class quality 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Always liked ponting even though I'm English…i remember ashes in England he always fronted up during the game and after if they had lost… that knock at old Trafford in 2005 against serious pace swing reverse swing hostile atmosphere was simply the best… nothing but respect for the man…a true all time great

  8. Always rated Ricky Ponting

  9. hehe I thought this video would've been about the performance yesterday. Much of this still will ring true for every match though

  10. Spot on analysis. God knows what the so called English coaches are doing.

  11. If I were an English fan, I'd be annoyed by how accurate this is.. If I were an Australian fan, I'd be delighted by how accurate this is..

  12. How does a low quality batter like Haseeb play for England

  13. How much longer can the Ashes keep being a five-Test series?

  14. As a Brit, I always loved Ricky. Awesome player never afraid to hook and pull. Watching this current England team must remind him a lot of the rubbish he had near the end of his career

  15. England lack good batters, decent inform bowlers and fail in the field. Very disappointing.

  16. Can someone please explain why did Sir Alistair Cook retire so early? He surely could still be playing and scoring more runs then these current batters!!

  17. To the point perfect analysis
    It ain't just Burns's stance. His LOCKED WRISTS pointing bat towards midwicket is bigger problem. As the angled in bowl moves away, he gets badly squard on with bat angling leg side. This french cricket he can only play on slow surfaces to accumulate leg side runs but not anywhere else

  18. The title seems to be casual sarcasm at its best

  19. It will be a 5 nill white wash yet again. We have a lot of questions that need to be answered, namely why is our batting so poor? These guys are good, but crumble at test level.

  20. England should colonize a good cricketing nation AGAIN…..and make them play for England…..that's the only way they can find some good cricketers!…..LOL!

  21. It's not about talent or technique. It's about state of mind and the difference in that between the England white ball and red ball teams is stark. Root is probably England's best ever batsman but he's a hopeless captain. I'd be tempted to put Morgan in the test team just to be captain.

  22. Wonderful insight. As a kiwi we have a rugby team that wins about 80% of the time. We usually don't often have a bad side, but half the time very good sides. Australian cricket is like that. Ruthless, foot on the throat play to win and mostly do. I respect and admire them.

  23. Aussie team has about 1000x more experience than this young inexperienced England team (excluding root Anderson and broad who two of which didn’t even play in the first game)

  24. The greatest disappointment for me is Australia have literally done everything we expected, the line and length are as short and aggressive as the conditions support. Technique and mental strength were always going to be examined. And after months of preparation we fail the f*$%king exam like we didn't see it coming. Most of those wickets were from shots that didn't need playing. And dropping catches at that level is catastrophic. 5-0 remains a possibility and if we keep playing like that we'll have earned it.

  25. Rory Burns, Dom Sibley and Ollie Pope are so useless. Just let their contracts expire and never select them again. Hameed's issues are fixable but the other three have been given too many chances and are still useless.

  26. Hameed needs to go. imo Burns may not have the technique but he definitely has the temperament as he's shown with multiple hard fought 50s and 100s in the past. Stome solid determination required of opening batsmen, he has it. But Hameed has neither the technique nor the temperament(not to mention he looks like a homeless 14-yo, very unathletic). Bring in Crawley for one of the two either way, and Parkinson or Moriarty as the spinner

  27. To Ricky Pointing I say one name “GARY PRATT”