Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Recording: Ronald Reagan Called African U.N. Delegates 'Monkeys' | NBC News

Newly released audio from 1971 reveals Ronald Reagan, governor of California at the time, called African U.N. delegates ‘monkeys’ during a call with then-President Richard Nixon.
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Recording: Ronald Reagan Called African U.N. Delegates ‘Monkeys’ | NBC News


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  1. Come on, like u can vote for him lol

  2. This has nothing to do with democrats vs republicans people . It’s about racist white people being in positions of power since the birth of the country. Who cares what political party . It’s bigger than politics 🗣

  3. Although white people never show it in front of us, deep in their mind they are still evil and racist.

  4. thays why he suported south african apartheid him and so colled iron lady miss Thatcher.

  5. Did Jesus Died for Africans? Are there Different chambers in the Heaven? Wow May God Have Mercy on Us.

  6. he didn’t say that because they were africans but because they were socialist who were defending a communist regime. He didn’t say that africans in gerneral « are m », he was reffering to those who voted Agaisnt Taiwan in th UN.but of course it was a wrong language.

  7. President Obama, one of the few great Presidents of our great country. He had set the new standard for that office, a standard far above the heads of reagan and trump

  8. every video I see from NBC is all about RACE card. I will not learn anything. SICK AND TIRED. I have no choice because this video automatically pops up after PragerU or Jordan Peterson though I am never watching MSNBC or CNN crap all the time. Everything is bad for GoP and Democrats are perfect and Gods and Godesses, whose been sitting in office for 100 years.

  9. I ain't surprise that Ronald Reagan was a racist

  10. That's it, I'm not voting for Reagan!!

  11. You have any idea how many people used to mimic Reagan's voice back in the day? Pretty much everybody on the planet.

    Seeing as how nobody ever heard of this before today.. I'm just going to run out on a limb and call it fake.

  12. Watch as WHITE PEOPLE try and backtrack on loving Reagan below!😃

  13. Wouldn't this be classified as news? Just not news on the current political climate so I don't see why people are hating NBC for it.

  14. this is a total reflection on the republican party

  15. The GREAT Communicator is really the HATE Communicator 😜!

  16. I have no problem with the truth in a negative way.The truth is also were the whiteman comes from.Ronald Reagan didn't express that truth.When he was saying that he's talking negatively about nature.Even though he said we are the caretaker of natural.He really means domination of nature.Ronald Reagan and Nixon were raised to believe white people were superior to other races.So white supremacist had been in the white house for a long time before Barack and now it has returned with Donald trump.

  17. Deepfake technology voice is easiest to copy. Face is a bit trickier.

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