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Red Sox legend David Ortiz speaks out on his shooting and recovery l ABC News

The baseball star said in the moments after he was shot in the Dominican Republic he told the doctor, “Don’t let me die. I got kids. I want to be with them.”

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  1. I heard it happen because he was f**** with other people property, Big Papi's down with OPP!

  2. I'm so glad that the doctors healed Ortiz very well.

  3. As a Yankee fan I’m glad he is recovering

  4. Nice to see Big Papi. Glad that he is OK.

  5. Even if it is "mistaken identity", what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Is the shooter gonna get in less trouble because he shot the wrong guy? Like why is that detail even be relevant?

  6. Rumor has it he was trying to creep up on someone's wife? I highly highly doubt its mistaken identity!!🤦‍♂️🤪

  7. There's never a good time to be at a club 😒

  8. Mistaken identity? Did he pay off the rumors of this being a “HIT” on him about a drug dealers wife? Wtf lol

  9. It's great to see him alive and well.

  10. I'm just going to say this

    Does his shirt look like it has poops on it? Pretty much burn that shirt guy.

  11. Why was He There ? SEX TRAFFICKING Maybe !

  12. Second chance stay away from bars

  13. better watch who u fucking, dont know who she with

  14. Heard he was target for banging a drug lords wife

  15. Hit like if you are trump supporters

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