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Home / Sports / Reggie Miller was more clutch than Michael Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron — Chris Broussard | FOX SPORTS

Reggie Miller was more clutch than Michael Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron — Chris Broussard | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard explains why “you kids just don’t know how good Reggie Miller was.” No one has hit more unforgettable clutch shots than Reggie Miller — not Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant or anyone else.

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Reggie Miller was more clutch than Michael Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron — Chris Broussard | FOX SPORTS

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  1. Where would you rank Reggie Miller among the all-time great clutch performers?

  2. Can i thumbs down this more than once???

  3. How many rings does Reggie have?? Ok next!!!

  4. More clutch than JORDAN???…come on bosssss lets get super duper real. Reggie is definitely more clutch than lebron, more clutch than latrell sprewell yes. But no ones as clutch as Jordan cmon. What post season games were you watching in the 80s n 90s??? Thats jordan all day everyday and twice on sunday (ask the mail man). Look reggie miller definitely hall of fame 3 point legend prior to klay n curry. But YOU CAN NOT BE CLUTCH as MJ when you have no post season clutch moments…👑✊🏾👏🙌🧠. Your post on larry bird was right on kids needa know about bird. But you reaching on this one bruh bruh lol i mean i get it quarantine done made some of us get a lil cloudy headed. Step out n get some fresh air it may help get that oxygen back

  5. Where is reggie's version of THE SHOT?
    a playoff series winning shot and franchise saving shot. Without this, 1st round exit meant dismantling of potential dynasty with sustained excellence.

    Where is reggies version of THE SHOT, PART II?
    A collapsing, trunaround fadeaway buzzerbeater that made sure an archrival franchise is put into hibernation forever and they will no longer ever recover again intil GOAT is playing. What was started in 1989 is finished off in 1993.

    Where is Reggie's version of THE LAST SHOT?
    No championship winner will ever resonate more. ever!. A farewell 💋 to a franchise's "last dance." A knockout 👊 to biggest enemy within, team management itself. A powerful tight slap on faces of "players dont win rings, management does." A timeless reminder of eternal, aging 35 yrs old GOAT left abandoned in enemy territory with injured old sidekick. Still reminded us, 🐐 is what 🐐 does.

    Where is Reggie's version of THE FIRST SHOT?
    🐐 @ 18 delivered championship winning shot and their bball historys most iconic shot ever to previous 3 choking 1981 NCAA finalists, coach smith, junior worthy and sophomore perkins. 🐐 got no time to get experience or grow up. 🐐 is expected to win and he does. Plain and simple.

    Miller is better than kobe and lebron but far far below 🐐, in clutchness.

    Nice try, play again.

  6. Hey broussard, it's not how many, its more of which were the most important times. Did he won a championship. I don't think so.

  7. Yall have nothing 2 talk about & what ever drugs youll on get off it

  8. You talk about his clutch 3 pointers, but then what about t-mac's 13 in 33!!! You're getting carried away buddy. He wasn't more clutch than Mj, Kobe or Bron. Just one game didn't make him the most clutch. I agree that he is one of the all time greats n one of the most clutch, but you're getting carried away buddy.

  9. LeBum shouldn’t even be in conversation

  10. Word. Is reggie in 2k yet?

  11. Everyone knows how good he was, even us who were born in 1999 and beyond, this video was unecessary the only thing I learned was he was more efficient than most.

  12. Robbery Horry had plenty of bigger clutch shots

  13. I know he's good and clutch but man you're getting carried away

  14. Stephen Jackson recently answered the question, what was the greatest team to never win it all? He and Matt Barnes named the Kings and the Trailblazers. No respect given to the the ONLY squad to take the Bulls to a game seven!

  15. He messed up Curry's dad, nuff said.

  16. About time someone has recognized the greatness of Reggie Miller. One of the greatest players to ever play the game..

  17. One of the most overrated players of his generation.

  18. Larry Bird hit more clutch shots. Also, when Bird was his coach and Reggie hit a 3 to win a playoff game as time expired The Pacers went crazy, then the camera shows Larry Birds reaction, his expression didn’t change as if he said “ you’re SUPPOSED to make that shot”. Bird is the man and the most clutch player I’ve ever seen( no offense to MJ or Kobe )

  19. Helped put Indiana on the map.

  20. I disagree Robert Horry Steve Kurr Ray Allen Paul Pierce

  21. F’ing finally somebody give this dude his props, Reggie was a beast, dude was clutch, unfortunately like the rest of the league, he had to face Jordan, Jordan f a lot people legendary status up man!

  22. How many championships does he have again? Asking for a friend…

  23. Reggie is very under appreciated cause he never got a ring but he always gave everybody good bump

  24. His sister will shoot on you too.

  25. Larry Bird has, but yes Reggie Miller is very clutch and underrated

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