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Remembering Kobe and Gianna Bryant a year later

NBA players pay tribute to Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter on the one-year anniversary of their deaths, plus, ABC News’ LZ Granderson honors Bryant’s life and legacy.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. We should remember the other people that were in the crashed with them.

  2. Mannnn… still can't believe it. He left such an impact on everyone.. rip kobe and gigi

  3. Didn't do anything yesterday. Kinda felt wrong to do it ON the day. Imma go to my homecourt and light a candle tho.

  4. Kobe passing now feels like a warning that this was going to be the worst year of our lives… 2020… what a freaking year.

  5. Really gonna miss you
    It's really gonna be different without you
    Time is gonna be hard and slow
    For the rest of my life
    I'm gonna be thinking about you, yes I am
    Time came when you had to go

    I'll miss you, my buddy
    I'll miss you, my friend
    I promise my love for you will never end

    In your finest hour, I was there with you
    And without you things won't be the same
    But there's a higher power that we answer to
    And you heard Him calling your name

    Really gonna miss you
    Everything about you, your smiling face
    I know you want us all to be strong
    Really gonna miss you
    I know you're gone to that magic place
    Singing you a brand new song

  6. I can't believe it's been a year since we lost him. This tragedy and loss still pains me to this day. RIP Kobe & Gianna, in our hearts forever. 😭♥️



  9. For the fans of Kobe. Him and his Daughter is up there in Heaven. not forgotten but somewhere up there better off. I still can't believe it's been 1 year that He was killed in that terrible helicopter crash.

  10. Feels like yesterday…still grieving

  11. Kobe was also big on helping the homeless. They should mention that more.

  12. Even tho it’s been a year, it’s hard to believe he’s gone, such a legend for the sport of basketball

  13. Kobe and Gianna are angels…Heaven is brighter

  14. Rip Kobe still can’t find words you have always been one of my favourite basketball players just thank you for everything 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. What about the hundreds of US soldiers that died in the middle east over the past few years? A guy who puts a ball in a hoop gets more attention than them?


  17. I can’t and won’t ever for get this day. On this day it’s my youngest sons birthday. Last year it was his 21st birthday so not only we celebrate a birthdays but loose on this day always. Vanessa not only do you have pain but be honored to have had these two beautiful humans in your life your a an amazing wife but amazing mother. I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. My god always give you everything you need when you need it. When you feel the pain May god give you the warmth of Kobe touch on your shoulder. When you hurt for Gigi that you feel the kiss on your cheek. That your heart never feels los that it’s full of love from all your family memories to keep your heart feel whole. I’m so so sorry for the loss you’ve been though. You are such a women of strength. Such a beautiful soul you have. God bless you daily. 🙏🏽😢💕

  18. My family and I were eating lunch after skiing for 3 hours at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Tahoe. It was just minutes after we sat down, when TMZ broke the news (screw TMZ).

    My brother, a massive basketball fan, who plays himself, was heartbroken. I’m not as big of a basketball fan myself, but holy cow, that was an emotional day. We lost a cultural and athletic icon that day. A father, team mate, leader, etc.

    It’s okay to mourn, but don’t vilify the pilot and his family. Even though he made a very poor judgement call, he was a person with a family too.
    Rip Kobe, Gigi, the 8 others, and the pilot.

  19. Rest in Peace to everybody killed in the tragic helicopter accident that happened 1 year ago.
    RIP Kobe Bryant
    RIP Gianna Bryant
    RIP Payton Chester
    RIP Sarah Chester
    RIP Alyssa Altobelli
    RIP Keri Altobelli
    RIP John Altobelli
    RIP Christina Mauser
    RIP Ara Zobayan

  20. I’ll never understand his death, only God know’s why. I’ve never met Kobe nor have I ever watched any of his games. Only heard about him. But when he died I was so broke down like it was a personal friend or family member. I was touched, then his daughter died with him I was done. She was his legacy following his foot steps. Her life was utterly cut short. I pray strength to those families as well they were just as important. It was Kobe and Gianna remember the Altobelli family was completely X out. There other children were left without a mom and dad. Smh!

  21. It’s been a year and it seems like yesterday. You are missed Kobe and Gigi.

  22. Still miss you coming from a spurs fan

  23. I don't believe in the afterlife or god but I hope they are at piece!!

  24. Dam 1 year ago time flies rip kobe

  25. It's Just shame that we lost him last year and it has been a year ago already on the helicopter crash and I never forgotten how many people were lucky enough to remember Kobe Bean Bryant

  26. Still never forgot this day still! So sad and also the Grammy Awards were on the very same night and held at the place where Kobe played his entire NBA career so there was not a dry eye in the audience when Alicia Keys (who was also the host of the show) and Boyz II Men did a last minute tribute to him with a rendition of the song It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.

  27. I still haven’t processed this🥺

  28. Kobe Bryant was an inspiration to me in every sense of the word and so I made a tribute video to mark a year since his passing

  29. I miss listening to LZ Granderson on ESPN. Love his insight. Real brother right there.

  30. Kobe will never be forgotten he will always be in our hearts

  31. You are with God and God bless your heart and we will miss you forever God bless your family

  32. Rip Kobe And Gianna Bryant Gigi and Kobe were so young it’s so sad. Prayers and love to the Bryant family from so many people! ❤️♾ Keep being strong Bryant’s I know you will never stop the Grief of your Husband and Daughter and Dad and sister but stay strong! 🙂 PRAYERS TO YOU GUYS FOREVER! ♾ Never forgotten! Gianna 2 Kobe 24. Mamba & Mambacita! Hope you guys stay strong enjoy life and Bryant family forever together Kobe, Vanessa, Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, Capri forever! ❤️♾ Even though Gianna and Kobe aren’t there physically they are there mentally. They will forever be in everyone’s hearts! ❤️ Stay strong Vanessa, Natalia, Bianka, Capri. Kobe and Gigi keep shining your light like you have been doing. Shin you light forever Mamba and Lil Mamba (Mambacita) 💫♾. Gigi will carry on Kobe’s legacy in heaven forever! But Kobe will forever be with her in heaven. 💫

  33. PLEASE LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE! They asked for privacy so we need to respect their wishes and only acknowledge the tragedy once and move on. Kobe was not the President of the United States (I’m not trying to be rude and I know some people were huge fans of him) and obviously there are other things happening right now.

  34. Happy anniversary to Kobe and Gigi hope you are happy in heaven

  35. Today is Kobe Bryant day MAMBA FOREVER 😭😞

  36. Isnt kobe the one who scored 100 points in a nba game and made lucid dreams
    And is a goated quater back in tennis

  37. madringking1119
    I was at my job when I found out. There was a brief period of downtime so I grabbed my phone to check my Facebook. And the first thing that came up was a post from the L.A. FOX station(idk why I liked the page to begin with). I thought it was a hoax. But when I Googled his name, all the AMP Top Stories and Twitter feed was blowing up with reports on the crash. When I told my co-workers they were devastated. Soon the entire rest stop I was working at was talking about it.

  38. I still can't believe he's gone

  39. I had an AAU tournament on that Sunday, and coach and one of my friends went to the mall a couple minutes away from the gym to get some lunch. As we were ordering, my coach got a notification on his phone saying that Kobe had died. Him being an NBA reporter and having strong connections with the NBA, was shocked. Me and my friend didn't know what to believe, we thought it was fake. At the food court while we were eating my parents came and we just kind of hugged each other because they knew how much Kobe meant to me. He had great work ethic, had legendary skills, and inspired many millions of people with his game and mentality to life. On our way back to the gym, you could see the reactions on people's faces when they found out this horrible news. The TV's in the mall had the breaking news on and it felt like a nightmare. Back at the gym, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was in shock, and it kind of stirred everyone up. Kobe was an amazing person and one day I really wanted to meet him and pick his mind about the game of basketball and his mentality. I will never forget that day. Gone but never forgotten. RIP Mamba, Gigi and all the other passengers in that horrible tragedy 💜💛 24/8

  40. That cop should of never shot that helicopter down because Kobe was black….so racist

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