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Remembering Pat Quinn

The man behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge passed away after seven years battling the disease. ABC’s Will Ganss reports on his legacy.

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  2. God Bless you Pat Quinn! RIP

  3. Awww, rest in peace, dear man! The Ice Bucket Challenge was an amazing success and will be your lasting legacy forevermore.

  4. We need to do this challenge again.

  5. My grandfather died of ALS back in 1992. Had to watch him wither away, sucked

  6. He is a true hero. This disease is a terrible darkness and he did this in the fight against it.

  7. His optimism met his legacy! Rest In Peace Pat Quinn 🙏

  8. my Husbands grandmother was diagnosed after being ignored in April of 1999, she was gone by that September, this is a horrible disease and i am glad there is progress in finding a way to stop it from killing people

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  10. He was very handsome…I’m a sucker for blue eyes.

  11. Man. He died SOOOOOO young. That sucks.

  12. I lost my mother to this horrendous disease in 2018. What a terrifying and crippling disease 😔

  13. Just remember… there were people who actually died trying to do the ice bucket challenge. Pat Quinn whether he meant to or not had a hand in those people's deaths. For anyone that wishes to give absent-minded condolences.

  14. I hope he suffered. Anyone who had a hand in creating that viral abomination called "The Ice Bucket Challenge" deserves a miserable death.

    For anyone that wishes to bitch and be cunty just remember… there were people who actually died trying to do the ice bucket challenge. Pat Quinn whether he meant to or not had a hand in those people's deaths.

  15. R.I.P.
    We lost another legend.

  16. This man had the world in the palm of his hands

  17. A man who made a challenge to make us cold will now warm us up in our hearts as we remember him.

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  19. Awww I remember when Trump did the ice challenge

  20. So sad, but also courageous. Rest In Peace my guy

  21. I can only imagine where all that money really went..So sad.

  22. Sleep in Peace no more suffering 💜🙏🏾💜 Mr Quinn

  23. Rip. A true hero of his time

  24. This is how you bring attention to something.

  25. If only he could see how watered down his challenge has become lol

  26. If only he could see how watered down his challenge has become lol

  27. rest in peace God bless your family

  28. Rest in peace sir🙏🙏🙏

  29. The world just got a little smaller

  30. Lulz this challenge on the down low was basically a satanic baptism but the people dont even know it

  31. So 250 million is gonna cure it? Well at least Bill Gates worth over a Hundred Billion dumped some ice water on himself.

  32. Rest In Peace, Pat Quinn, his legacy will go on to work on the research for more treatment and cure.

  33. Awwwww RIH Pat no more pain no more suffering you are free so fly high sore Mr Quinn for you have earned your angel wings…

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