Sunday , September 27 2020
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Rep. Buck on impeachment: Schiff had his opportunity and he blew it

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., discusses the upcoming Senate impeachment trial against President Trump and says the President of Ukraine should look into the Biden family.

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  1. One has the impression that minds are closed, both in the senate trial, and the comments column. With the beyond vast expenditure on military,
    the old empire, facing the new in Asia. Low educational outcome, and health care from sixth to twenty six in the world ratings, are not foundations for “ making America great again” cliche. Put money with the same patriotic zeal into a sustainable refurbishment of this nations infrastructure in the manner FDR , not tax breaks for corporations. A polite suggestion, from a neutral observer.

  2. Because Adam Schiff is a weenie loser.

  3. It's a scary fact that the democrats can run a coup against POTUS and nothing can stop them. They do what they want, when they want and to whom they want with no repercussion. There was a time when our nation defended the Constitution when ever it was ignored and abused. Now the Democrats have reduced it to toilet paper.
    Our republic is gone. Do you know who's responsible?
    The Politicians we voted in?
    The GOP or DNC?
    Judges and courts?
    The citizens that have allowed this to happen. Absolutely!

  4. Trump will crush these treasonous bastards soon

  5. The witch hunt found a witch that they thought would float and not sink (therefore a witch). After Trump is acquitted in the Senate, they will then look for witches in his tax returns. There must be witches there.

  6. Nancy pelosi and Adam shiff for prison and the rest of the corrupt demorates belong in prison, they are all traitors.Demorates are not for the American people

  7. Holy crap!!! The Biden's were dirty up to their eyeballs in Ukraine and the President has no right to inquire about that? Creepy Joe with his advancing dementia, years of corruption and pedophilia tendencies should be our President? Why on any planet in any universe would Trump have to torpedo Creepy Joe's campaign? Joe is destroying his chances every time he speak at his rallies that draw 150 or so people.

    What would Joe do for us as President anyway? Crap his Depends, take a nap and sign the Presidential Power of Attorney over to George Soros? What would Joe do about Iran? Ask them to pretty please play nice and give them Billions of our tax dollars and then embezzle/launder some of it back from them?

  8. Yes Pelosi is a very religious baby killer

  9. "Land of the free." Yeah, well not if there's a Democrat around.

  10. If the party that loses the election can, on its own, remove the winner we no longer have a political system.

  11. He said he was going to drain the swamp and he found Biden swimming in it! The democrats rise to protect the swamp

  12. I woke up at 4:36 am from a deep sleep to watch this. ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

  13. The democrats rushed in the house because they had placed bets on impeachment before the year end. They made a fortune!

  14. @ The House needs to subpoena former president Obama to witness relative to former V.P. Joe Binden claims done relative to Urkrainie..

  15. I stand with the President the Democrats are corrupt this BS the Democrats are pulling is just that BS and needs to stop clean the swamp

  16. Adam Schitt is a far left Psycho and a liar.. He should be impeached very soon . Trump2020🇺🇸

  17. The real issue is that Republicans cannot NOW do WITHOUT Trump. As a sly operator that he is, he hollowed them out and swallowed them line, hook and sinker.

  18. PSA: The Deep State Democrats need to be CRIMINALLY investigated by the DOJ for violations of the RICO Act (Racketeering) and Sedition/Treason. This one will blow up in their faces and they will just look for another way to railroad a duly elected President out of office. They will not stop until they are sitting in prison for crimes Against "We the People".

  19. What a waste of taxpayers' moneys. In France, had the late Mitterrand done what Trump "did", people would not call it a CRIME but par for the course. AS if the Dems were pure as the driven snow. A. Schiff's voice is dripping with contempt, how biased is this?

  20. We need to take there pens back. From nancy, nadler, schiff, and all the dems that got a gold pen. We need to get them back. And melt them down for the American people.

  21. To the lunitic libs in Congress: Where's your "overwhelming evidence?" The answer: You have no evidence at all. You lost. Time to move on without you.

  22. This is exactly what the Democrats have been doing since day one in 2016. They have been looking for the Silver Bullet to remove Trump, which they haven't found, so in lieu thereof they continue with impeachment by public opinion, continually attempting to create the public impression that the Witnesses and Evidence have been denied them, thereby finding Trump and the GOP guilty by inference in the court of mass media public opinion.
    In every incidence where Democrats have called witnesses or had investigative committees, they have failed in each and every case to provide any form of Credible Evidence or Witnesses !!!
    The moral of the story is, The Buck Stops Here !
    There will be no more tolerance for a three year long Sham fabricated to Undermine the US Constitution and Usurp Power form a Duly Elected President !!!

  23. Will the government suicide Schiff??

  24. No Pelosi the killer klowns from outer space is not religious at all she hates life and God , which are two things your not allowed to hate if your religious


  26. The Democrats should be severely punished for using a circus format to weaponize Impeachment.

  27. The best way to stop this nuisance from Democrats is to vote them out of any majority in Congress. The country has had enough

  28. How about the photos of Adam Schiff with pedophile, drug proliferator, homosexual and murderer Ed Buck, which will come out soon?

  29. 🚂🚃🇺🇸Trump 2Q2Q 🇺🇸

  30. The republicans could’ve investigated Biden when they had power in the house back in 2015 when this allegedly happened. Why does the president need Ukraine to investigate it?

  31. Hillary actually paid a foreign entity to dig up dirt on a candidate and nothing from the Democrats about that. The Biden Burisma corruption was a known scandal long before Trump decided to run for president and was swept under the rug by the previous administration so for Trump to inquire about Burisma and the Bidens to the new president of the Ukraine isn't a crime. It's the Democrats who are using foreign aid as a form of money laundering to enrich themselves and their friends so they need Trump out before their gravy trains are derailed.

  32. You're not immune to corruption Politically

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