Rep. Castro: Uvalde police response was ‘one of the worst we’ve seen in history’ l ABCNL

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) discusses the police response to the Uvalde school shooting and recent bipartisan gun reform bill.

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  1. Just yesterday the story came out that the other teacher murdered, not the one whose husband died of heart attack, was shot and bleeding out. She called her husband who is an Uvalde deputy, explained she was dying and needed his help. He rushed over and when he tried to enter the school he was tackled by other cops who handcuffed him, took his gun then hauled him to jail. He was arrested. I can't imagine the horror. The cops keep changing the story but the latest is they were just 3 minutes entering the school behind the shooter. Then spent an hour waiting on one thing after another for an hour. The last thing they waited on was a key to the room when the door was unlocked. This will go down as the biggest cop f up in mass shooter history. At least because of it 16 Republicans are expected to vote to push their bipartisan gun bill through the Senate sometime late today or tomorrow. A couple of good things have been added to the original weak proposal that first came out. I've had hunting and family guns my entire 55 years. Hunted everything all my life and I want something passed so we're not the only place with two mass shootings every damn day. Sick of the lie's and don't give a damn who dies attitude of these gun rights jerks. It's insanity to keep doing nothing.

  2. That Governor needs too go he needs too be voted out.They going too give pay leave too this chief, so his beening rewarded. These parents should've taken videos of the treatment they were receiving from these officers outside the school.

  3. Small towns are the most corrupt, why are people so surprised? Small towns need control and a firm hand because on their own, they can't do anything right.

  4. The police in Uvalde are doubling down because they KNOW they made a mistake

  5. (corr) Ex failed president Trump

  6. One brave officer wanted to go in the classroom and he was arrested and his gun taken away and removed from the school , terrible tragedy , all these officers that waited for over an hour to go in should be fired

  7. That TX DPS commander needs horse whipped!

  8. To the end part of Jan 6 2021. If that was an insurrection then the attacks on May 29, 2020 was an insurrection as well. When you demonize police and allow them to go unchecked for all these years this is what you get. No transparency and crappy police. This congressman and his party is to blame just as much as the crappy republicans.

  9. Anything Castrol says and dose means nothing

  10. Cowards 😡😡 🥺🥺 poor babies

  11. They can try to cover up, the evidence is there, they can’t. We all know and Americans are furious!!

  12. Texa$ Corruption ‼️😡👎😡👎😡👎😡👎😡👎😡

  13. 🙏😡‼️ ~ 🙏💐🕊

  14. Even though I do blame the captain, they are making him a scapegoat for all the others including the governor and others… who are just as responsible.

  15. Something is very wrong with all of this.. these men stood outside of the door while these children were being shot and killed and did nothing? That's beyond being a coward that's evil.. I'm glad that people are demanding answers and I hope they don't stop until we all know what really happened and who was really responsible for what happened that day..

  16. Cowboy hats and guns but no cattle. Same old BS in TX. Allow Texas to secede and patrol the border themselves. Let the cowards ruin their own state and leave the rest of the USA out of it. VOTE BLUE in 2022. Vote Abbott out. Go Beto!

  17. Anyone have ideas on how the on-scene incident commander "stopped" officers from going into the classroom. Like did did he stand in front of them and physically block them from entering the classroom?

  18. When the guy in charge tells offices to stand down and then is promptly promoted you can bet the bank the feds were involved.

  19. if it were a black shooter those coward ass cops would had rushed in there no question

  20. Why are the people of Texas still paying this chief police and why the mayor not answer questions as to why a dummy was secretly swore in by arrogant mayor

  21. Thank you Joaquin. Outrageous!

  22. This is the type guy America need, holding government officials n law enforcement accountable

  23. Its a set up Jose.
    Do some research into "christmas tree bomber" in Portland, Oregon. Feds set up a guy, build, hold his hand and when he's about to go thru with a terrorist act, they arrest him.
    Now, in these cases, Uvalde, Sandy hook, Florida, I think they let them happen for the AGENDA of banning guns. If anybody really cared, they could start in Chicago and figure out wtf is goin on there. Almost every fkn weekend the shootings in CHI-RAQ are double digits.
    Uncle Thug, the media platforms, and the NEWS MEDIA sensationalize and go on and on and on and on and on and on and on to fulfill their agenda

  24. 💯 % agreed with this congressman

  25. That day, they decided to let kids get shot. While they stood in the hallway. Good lord, im embarrassed of cops.

  26. All those officers need to be In prison for life

  27. It’s good Arredondo has been placed on leave but he was not the only one that failed to act so others should have consequences also.

  28. Ted Cruz and the Abbot are pure evil. With their "thoughts and prayers" BS! Shove your worthless thoughts and prayers where the sun don't shine!!!!!!!!!

  29. This is an act of cowardice, I'd be ashamed to tell anyone that I was a police officer in Uvalde…even if I was off duty and not in town

  30. Damn right, it's a cover up.