Rep. Claudia Tenney: China is not just our adversary, but our enemy

Fox News contributor Bill McGurn and New York Rep. Claudia Tenney weigh in on how the White House and Big Tech have responded to ongoing protests in China on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. The China police sound like our FBI, tracking, surveillance, taking phones
    So who r we to say anything & our tech.
    Companies r right beside them all the way oh & look what they did with the
    Jan.6 protesters no hearings lock them
    Up .wouldn't u say the Democrats & a few Republicans are just like the Chinese government. Gezzz
    I love my country but when u act like a
    Communists dictator, nah I don't think
    So ,oh but we have laws, sure hide behind that, laws for 1 party & laws for
    The other. So a guy sat on your chair Pelosi u made him pay & he is still
    Paying .I wonder what would happen if a Chinese man sat on a official's chair
    Would he still be locked up ,would he
    Have lost everything. There r a 1,000 more like him.u guys went after ,call it
    What u want that day ,their punishment
    Is worst then rapist & killers in our country because they supported Trump. This is why the Democrats have nothing
    To say about China they r just like them.

  2. Why would Biden administration do anything, they are doing the same thing here. Biden won’t do crap.

  3. But now thank God the game is over.

  4. You cannot stop a product of mother nature from spreading at will, it's like trying to stop the tide from coming in – it's just amazing that so many do not understand this issue. All you can do is isolate the vulnerable and elderly in such a situation until the pandemic is past which is usually from 5-7 weeks, that's all. Healthy people are not affected whatsoever and least of all children. Most people come into contact with the virus which is normal, but are never infected to such a state where they can be classified as 'cases', although the term 'case' was changed in 2020 to suit the need and suddenly everyone who took a PCR test which showed a + result was a 'case'. The PCR tets has been proven over and over again that it cannot detect the C-19 virus, all that it can do is show an outline of a double-decker bus driving over Tower Bridge in London!!

  5. Bidon works for CCP and CCCP

  6. Just like commie Joe, the CCP has got to go!! We support the people of China!! Communism has killed more people than anything else in world history!!

  7. There is no such thing as a 'zero covid' policy. What China is doing has nothing to do with the C-19 virus, it's just being used as an excuse to bring the whole nation under surveillance, since there are many domestic issues just ready to boil over in the country at present.

  8. Terminate all diplomatic relationship with China then. LOL.

  9. I think a man that has done what Biden has done cannot be allowed to run for president and that he belongs in prison especially if he's bending over backwards for the Chinese who are actively or pressing their people and committing genocide.

  10. So apple is doing to China what IBM did for the Nazis


  12. America want to rescue chines people ,how does that work out for the lybians

  13. Why does YouTube continually block the brutal beating of protesters in China? Will they also block the brutal beating of Republican citizens in America by State police when it starts happening!

  14. We are the Communist China party's enemy and have been since Mao mounted his 100 year war call to arms,the main driver in the ccp is this call from Mao's anti- American propaganda that is continuos,how many
    Chinese leaders over 60 years of age have that mind set,take Xi for example he is only one of many who grew up having to read Mao''s Red Book to drive Mao's 100 year war propaganda to its final outcome ,our government has been under a false spell that the Communist China party will change,the more our government gives into the CCP the more CCP takes until the CCP takes everything away from the United States which is the
    goal of Mao's 100 year war,our government has had a loosing strategy President Truman called it Containment Doctrine,guess what it has never worked and til this day it doesn't work,but Biden is pursuing this failed strategy expecting a different outcome,Biden is failing just like many other presidents failed at the Containment doctrine

  15. China IS the enemy, not just of America, but the world! The sooner people realise that the better we can stop CCP and safeguard humanity.

  16. tictok collects Info and China owns tictok . if you believe China does not want our info, then you probably believe we have a secure southern border . thank you BIDEN

  17. People need to stay off Tictok



  20. So is Mexico and Mexico is in our backyard

  21. Did the CCP use covid as an excuse to weld dissenters in their homes to silence them?

  22. It won't be hard to b4ing back world power nobody needs it how about we stay to our own and do no trades with anyone pay china its dept and don't sell any goods to anyone back our money in gold and diamonds not a print press

  23. That's is facts we need to start acting like it and the rest of the world as well

  24. last time I checked we are still at war with china, for all of you stupid college kids, I'll tell you. there never was a peace treaty signed after the korean war. we have 80 thousand troops between south korea and japan, for you stupid college kids who said 1,500 troops in afghan was to much you are just stupid. any American company who has a business in china should be arrested for treason ,found guilty in a court of law , then shot. the chinese killed a lot of gi's in the korean war and vietnam .

  25. I think media needs to be clear that the CCP is our enemy not the people of China.

  26. We have traitors in government, the rest is results

  27. The CCP owns 80% of the communist democrap party and the ice cream eating moron in the White house.

  28. Our young American Army need to invade China to protect US now!

  29. Let start with every politician in the government fully disclosing every connection to China that they have, can't fight your enemy with infiltraters being in our government.

  30. Live Free or die trying. Down with the CCP. Down with Xi.

  31. Tik tok is where ppl are spreading TRUTH. This TRUTH scares WHITE PEOPLE. They told black people they were slaves. They LIED

  32. I think our real enemies are the corporations that do business with the totalitarian regime in China. The CCP is just doing what you would expect of someone who is offered a gift on a silver platter. The real enemy is globalism.

  33. The Ds have said their goal is to turn us into China. Wake up. The Ds are communist.

  34. Their are CCP police here already and the FBI knew all along… That's an ominous prospect

  35. Then another crippling pandemic Biden stated this

  36. If the UN had their way it will be CCP everywhere Biden will stop the populous from having guns food and the right to vote he's a criminal

  37. Joe Biden is the CCP how are we going to fight that

  38. Too bad everything we get is from China. So everything we buy supports their ambitions.

  39. Time by both parties to stop with all the political rhetoric dividing the people and country.
    Our country has done zero to even start to neutral China except lip service time to slowly neutralize them by bringing and distributing production to other countries who are more friendly.
    Due to the massive population start by ending subsidies and tax advantages to American companies to China then giving it all away because they can still make a massive profit like companies Tesla who also have a contract with NASA thus all our secrets are being handed over dame with Apple. The time for talk is over with China same with India time to do what it takes do U. S. Isn't so dependent on anyone but ourselves.

  40. Fire actor kids were three year Columbine Christian youth camp

  41. Scott Hamilton are you running the world right now

  42. "The party cannot admit it made a mistake, y'know uh.. it's always someone else's fault.."
    huh. Unfortunate phrasing that. Sounds vaguely familiar. We could probably attach that little quote to most of the wests leaders. Certainly the coward Trudeau. Biden is a shambling mess. And the UKs new PM is cringe af. Kettle meet pot. They say you're black.

  43. Asian supporter here to tell you about fake protests about China to act as the pressure relief valve before China ratchets it down with Biden again.

  44. Has anyone Watched “Died Suddenly” on Rumble? 😢. While they distract and care more about china we are being culled

  45. USA's enemies are the politicians in the Congress. In-house fighting between Republican and Democrats are dragging the country down. They can't solve domestic issues so they need a foreign target to divert its people's attention. Problems solved! 🙈😨

  46. An Adversary is an enemy – did everyone just forget the thing called a thesaurus? Stupidest representative I've ever seen

  47. There are 700,000 homeless people in US right now. US politicians and elites got this? I doubt, in fact, they should learn some wisdom from Larry Summers( former US Treasure)

  48. Free China war is only way to eradicate the ccp