Rep. Crockett: GOP is blind to Trump keeping documents ‘in the s——‘

Rep. Jasmine Crockett, D-Texas, criticized Republicans for pursuing an impeachment inquiry against President Biden while claiming they were turning a blind eye to former President Trump’s handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

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  6. Check Mate. More Democract need this type of dpirit. Do the people business..

  7. Man this is WHY Joe Biden WILL Win!!!! He Got the Black Woman on his Side!! Yessir!!!!!!!!! I Agree 💯

  8. This isn't a trial on Trump, this is a evidentiary investigation to consider a vote for impeachment

  9. Let’s discuss why a dozen shell companies are needed to route payments to the Bidens if their dealings are innocent? And what was Joe selling?

  10. In the words of Rick Flair….WOOOOO!!!! 👏🏽

  11. Hey Devocrats why do you focus on NYC your moving nursing home pts out to accommodate illegal immigrants. Why don’t you Devocrats focus on the dame wall and boarder policy.

  12. Can she run for President? Love her fire!!!!!

  13. Oh girl…your loving president is a crook and his son is as well. When your boy is bringing in millions in crooked deals with ZERO qualifications to even account for such business dealings…I can see why daddy surely luvs his boy. 😂🇺🇸👍

  14. I glad she said it 💯

  15. she is an embarrassment to the black community. it is all objectionable on the basis of relevance. and the ghetto language and outfit omg how can that slide😮

  16. Biden had docs near the corvette as well right?

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  18. I think I'm in love this young lady!! That was amazing and spot on!!

  19. I have rewatched this a ridiculous amount of times.

  20. As she prepared, she did not understand money laundering I guess. Great job!

  21. Congresswoman Crockett… You are saying what we all are thinking. I am a veteran and you have my support ❤️

  22. Give me a break. Biden is only guilty of loving his son uncoditionaly. 😂

  23. You tell 'em Steve Dave! With you 100%

  24. I want to be like her when I grow up 😂

  25. Trump lives in their heads. This hearing isn’t about Trump.

  26. Funny how everything she mentioned is still not proven. Im sure Biden really loved Ashley Biden. Loved her a lot. Also we all lnow Biden isnt gonna be president and will be found gulity.

  27. I'm genuinely impressed.
    She clearly doesn't care that the GOP is going to try to squash her for pointing out their glaring faults and hypocrisy

  28. We are already going hungry on the streets of the United States thanks to sleepy Joe.

  29. They should be investigating "national secrets in the shit**r"!!!!!!

  30. This is what we need. Democrats with a backbone. Never thought id see the day

  31. So strong, intelligent, powerful. SO different from republican fools Lauren nd Margie.

  32. Joe loves his children. Ashley's diary told us that much

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  34. Trump is protected under the presidential records act. Biden is not protected there is no Bribery act the that protects presidents.😂

  35. I was not aware of the Congresswoman until this video. She is AWESOME.

  36. that pretty much says it all