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Rep. Debbie Dingell: Dems must listen to millions of Trump voters

Michigan Democrat discusses the most effective ways to unite the nation on ‘WSJ at Large’. #FoxBusiness

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  1. they will never do that, they started knocking out Trump from planet earth, now we dont have our voices heard. I will never pardon those evil democrat globalists mofos. Time for revenge

  2. Democrats need to treat this relief package (and their legislative agenda) the way McConnell treats Supreme Court nominations: you do what needs to be done to get it done.

  3. CNN's Pamela Brown challenged Madison Cawthorn to cite evidence of election fraud to back up his vote against certifying the election results. He had nothing.

  4. Democrats need to start acting like McConnell and bulldoze the hell out of them racists!!!

  5. Democrats are like how can we get people healthcare while Republicans are like nah you socialists let’s become a dictatorship and the media is like why won’t the Democrats unify??!

  6. Is she seriously talking about joe biden? The black supremacist supporter ? Amazing

  7. Biden has said over and over again that he will run the country for all Americans not just republicans or democrats but for all people.

  8. Elections have consequences…. No quarter for Republicans after what McConnell did in the senate for the past 8 years. Trump's** first impeachment trial showed just how corrupt the GOP is. The GOP can go pound sand.

  9. fun fact: in four years under trump, China economy went up 30%!!!!

    in four years under trump, US economy went down 30%!!!!

  10. What kink of book did she swear in on ? Not a bible

  11. I voted for President Trump and I am not racist and I will vote for him again!!!!

  12. In 2016, Arizona Republicans controlled both Senate seats and delivered a win to Trump.

    By 2020, they had lost each of those Senate seats, and Trump was one of only two Republican presidential candidates to lose the state in more than 50 years.

  13. Another $1.9 trillion in relief may seem like overkill — but overkill is precisely what the economy needs to close the gap still remaining from the Great Recession

  14. Calls for "unity" should not allow alleged instigators of the January 6 insurrection — such as
    @RepGosar, @RepAndyBiggs, and @RepMoBrooks — off the hook. They must be fully investigated and, if guilty, expelled from the House. There can be no healing without accountability.

  15. Like Trump and GOP listened to millions of Clinton voters.

  16. Vote this clown out of office! She is full is 💩

  17. Mitch doesn't want to pass the ball to the winning team. He doesn't have to do so willingly. The Dems can take the ball from Moscow Mitch, whether he agrees to it or not.

  18. Democrats won the Senate. It’s time we start acting like it. F*ck Mitch. He lost.

  19. why should Dems listen to the dumb 25% of the country. who can't tellfact from fiction..just ignore them.

  20. Traitorcrats don't listen to anyone


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