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Rep. Doug Collins discusses bringing the supply chain back to the US

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., argues the U.S. may see a different economy due to coronavirus.

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  1. Employers are Republicans. Employers always try to save a dollar. Employers love chinas slave labor. Employers pressure politicians. Employers. are Republicans.

  2. We need quality not high quantities of junk that breaks in a week creating a huge carbon footprint.

  3. The attribute called integrity is being lost. A new world order. God help us.

  4. Again she's talking about being tested before going back to work. so is that the prerequisite for you going back to work is to be tested for the virus, tracking is starting.


  6. Who let this happen we can make everything we need bring everything. Back………………

  7. Without American citizens buying Chinese products, the Chinese are toast. As far as I am concerned I will boycott any American company that doesn't bring back their manufacturing to the United States. And I don't mind paying more for Made in America products if they are made to last like they were when I was a young man.

  8. Wait till we see the prices of these American products and be honest, many of them are not great. To many greedy crooks here and all over the world. I think we need to keep the free trade scheme and include China. The GOP supported free trade for a long time, probably wisely.

  9. Whenever feasible, shift our business dealings from China to Taiwan. US and Taiwan has each others back!

  10. My degree is in International Business Economics. We need to become economically independent. We should not rely on countries like China and the Middle East.

  11. Yes. Don’t be dumb and don’t act like we are. Open up! This is insane

  12. Has anyone said where this money is going to come from? Just curious to know if I missed it if someone said it already. Sure sounds like a lot of money.

  13. This video is so good, seriously underated.

  14. Bringing back U.S. products vital for freedom .

  15. Question why the ccp thinks America has too many guns… Question why the ccp is lying and withholding information about the virus. Question why the Democratic party has spent 3 years attempting to remove Trump. All this is not just a crazy conspiracy. Now they want voter drop box???, desperation.

  16. As a country, we do not do business with North Korea as they are a "communist" dictatorship; there are economic sanctions. Yet, we gladly do business with China which is also a "communist" dictatorship. Not only do business, but ALLOW them (thank your so-called representatives from the last 40 years and their sh*t "trade deals") to dump HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS more product on OUR shores compared to our exports going to them. It is well past time to rethink our trade priorities. Especially when it comes to items like pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, food products, etc.

  17. so-called wartime potus trump Killing Americans without firing a single bullet

  18. Mr. Douglas Collins is one of the only people I trust that is speaking the truth I believe he is a good man and a fellow American God bless you sir , just remember my brethren it is IN GOD WE TRUST by and through the only Son he ever had. Happy Easter for we have been given the power to become the son's of God . Selah Amen AMEN

  19. It doesn't "take time". It takes a set of nuts to stand up to the liberal elites that want small business shut down.

  20. It's time to stop feeding the dragon. Keep the Yella outta America. Time to place an embargo and sanctions on China.
    I would rather pay 5 dollars for a screw driver made in America than 2 dollars for one made in China.
    The only Chinese things I want here are restaurants and food markets.

  21. It's a no brainer, cut China off completely their our number one enemy. This whole cov 19 was planned and done on purpose because President Trump stopped the money train. Also never trust an enemy to make your pharmaceutical's and fighter jet parts. Duh

  22. Patriots unite, the five eyes bring our manufacturing back to the west. cut the oxygen of the CCP

  23. "Some reports" of stuff like masks being exported? It was russian news that I first found out. Whinging that it was "mean" to redirect 3M masks that were about to be sent to France. Bet you russia wasn't going to send them any. THEN RUSSIAN medical teams appear in 3M masks….

  24. The decision should be left up to the States, not Washington DC. What do Washington bureaucrats know about a small town in Wyoming?

  25. How come I can’t get unemployment signed up but they sent me a check for 00.00🤔 well ny just screwed me again!!!

  26. Companies will not come back to USA just face it… Profits are much more important than anything else. America is always begging for manufacturing to come back.

  27. And dont allow the Chinese to buy any more American companies. The CCP bought Smithfield in 2015 for more than its market value.. really? Smithfield is one the biggest, if not the biggest producer of meat in the USA. How did this deal go through?

  28. I’m dying to buy things made in my great country. USA.

  29. As long as Nancy Pelosi is Speaker things will never change.

  30. Go for it 🇺🇲, 🇯🇵 is already on it, I bet some European countries are thinking about it, too. Let's 🔥 this📄🐉

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