Rep. James Comer: We want to make sure Biden admin isn't compromised

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses the House Oversight Committee’s handling of the classified documents debacle, arguing the U.S. ‘needs to reform how documents are packed up.’

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  1. Biden administration has been compromised since day one.

  2. How much more evidence do you need? Do something about it already.

  3. These deep state liberal Democrats are gonna cause Putin to attack our country on one end or the other or both Ukraine is NOT GOING TO BEAT Russia All this money is going over there to be filtered back into politicians pockets on all sides not just Democrats or these Republicans wouldn't support money to Ukraine

  4. These people make me sick they know Deep state liberal Joe Biden is Major compromised not only is he doing things for China but also Ukraine Iran and not only is he compromised there he also is to climate freaks who don't have a clue about real environment issues and he's also working with the Mexican government to let our borders be invaded these state should stop all trade to mexico until they help secure our borders

  5. All the reforma and ALL the laws do NOTHING when theyre not obeyed. Thats why there is punishment – and thats why the left is destroying punishment . THINK :

  6. Libing demanda farmacia medical create warmt

  7. Ya gotta get rid of the termites before you can repair the house.

  8. Stupid priks
    We know they are comprised by the time they are ready to actually do something it will be to late



  11. "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe." _Anatole France

  12. Much too late to worry about this. The signs have been there all along. Long before any documents were found. Pathetic. The US government is made up of traitors, morons, liars, self serving criminals, corruption, greed, & incompetence. Both parties included

  13. But will anything really happen after they see the documents? Nothing ever happened to Hillary or Hunter…I am getting tired of all this talk, talk. UGH!!

  14. It's time to bring Trump back currently he's innocent Biden and his son and Adam ship and Omar all of them are Crooks and Liars McCarthy did exactly what The taxpayers Wanted

  15. "The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." _Anonymous

  16. The only thing I would agree with james comer is setting up a SOP of how the docs are packed. Other than that,
    the oversight committee should investigate James Comey for the alleged woman beating from the accuser Marilyn Thomas.

  17. Allowing this BS is putting Americans at risk. Shows no one in the government today gives a rats backside about the citizens of this country! Sickening…😡

  18. Mohammed Obama stores classified docs in an abandoned warehouse.

  19. Remove corruption from our American government. NOW!!!

  20. So much talk no action..Biden can do anything he wants steal lie take money..ect you all are fools do something about it

  21. Make sure biden isn't compromised you and all know biden is compromised…come on its time biden pays for all his crimes

  22. LOL, what a crock from camp Red Hat Scum. Nothing on Trump but NOW this is a concern for them

  23. I'm not particularly fond of rice & too old to learn to eat with chop sticks. Release the dammdocs,Joe. It is my life too.

  24. The truth must be faced. Joe Corrupt Biden has committed TREASON with his deals with China

  25. The Biden’s are criminals for sure.

  26. So the FBI watched Hunter sell himself out to China and did nothing…..
    America is in trouble.

  27. Biden is compromised. Just ask him.

  28. great day for real hardworking Americans

  29. Trump is bait on a hook and the D.S. took it hook, line, and sinker who do u think is on the other end of the rod 🤔

  30. BIDEN COMPROMISED???? That’s an understatement!!!! Comer already knows the answer to these questions. We ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. BIDEN IS GOING DOWN.

  31. Biden is compromised – NO doubt about it. Whether or not it is the Chinese or special interests matter not as compromised is compromised. I say this because no one would ever consider cutting off American oil JUST after a crippling pandemic (Covid) even before the economy had a chance on starting back on track again. Add to that it makes no sense at all to anyone who can still think and reason to cut off oil to America and mandate electric vehicles and such BEFORE the technology to do so in a viable fashion was even developed.

    Some may say 'Well, Biden had cognitive issues' and that may very well be true, but that is no excuse what so ever as he has some of the smartest people in the world who are HAPPY to help him make informed decisions. Ya man, he IS compromised by someone, or something without a doubt…

  32. What makes anyone believe Biden’s attorneys didn’t shred secret documents that might have implicated their client in deals with Ukraine and China?

  33. Our government is anti-american and SLOPPY

  34. Reform the Process is as easy as fixing the Border..Washington is in the same Condition as Sodom & Gomorrah if U can Find 100 honest persons in Washington..

  35. Geez James, where was your concern about compromising documents a couple of months ago when Trump was found to have classified documents at Trumpa Lago? You’re just coming off as playing partisan politician because of your previous lack of speaking out on this serious matter. You need to just step aside on this one and STFU.