Tuesday , March 9 2021
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Rep. Jim Jordan Says Democrats ‘Obsessed’ With Trump Impeachment | NBC News

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, spoke out against the 25th amendment resolution and impeachment, as well as masks and “cancel culture” on the House floor.
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Rep. Jim Jordan Says Democrats ‘Obsessed’ With Trump Impeachment | NBC News


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  1. Jordan is blind, can't see what's going on around him and hitched his wagon to a horse that's falling off a cliff. Good luck to your future in politics.

  2. Whine whine whine. So pathetic. Jordan is a waste.

  3. Theyre truly obssesed with cancel Trump because he exposed how corrupt is the demonrat Party and their lobbyes

  4. The enabler that created the monster

  5. Lol, the clowns who were obsessed with, and still are, Benghazi want to accuse others? Smdh. .

  6. Trump is not the dangerous one the government and the people of America are nobody can make you do anything you don’t wanna do

  7. He’s telling the truth why do people only hear one side the man is telling the truth that’s exactly what happened

  8. As a man once said: "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."


  10. Watching Republicans speak is like watching badly realized cartoon characters.

  11. Trump has tried to sell our souls to corporate power and made consumerism the national religion!
    Trump's ideology has forgotten the TRUE meaning of FREEDOM and PATRIOTISM now (?)means to agree with only the President!?!
    Americans need to save our country from the tyranny of trump and his anarchists supporters.

  12. What a stupid argument, bc is only 8 days???? what about the dead people after his instigating words!!!!

  13. What about when Pelosi encouraged rioting and insurrection? What about when Kamala Harris did the same? And even said they shouldn’t stop? Why weren’t they indicted?

  14. When a president abuses his power and breaks the law, he gets impeached

  15. these GOP are afraid to impeach or convict because they feel that will put them in danger. They are intimidated by trump and his crazy followers. I say, convict trump and stand up to this bully.

  16. Democrats go into massive hysterical panic when they're not able to control every aspect of peoples lives all the time. They "feel" power is their birthright It's not.

  17. Republicans with a mouthpiece is like Hitler kissing a jew kid.

  18. Hey Jim. Why dont you give the medal Trump gave you to the police officer who steared the anarchists away from where you and other members were hunkered down. He saved your flappy sorry mouth!

  19. Tell Trump not to do stupid things and he won’t get impeached

  20. First, he enabled a Head coach that was interfering with young male wrestlers, now defending traitorous want to be dictators, he should resign!

  21. You know what gets me about all this – I think a lot of people are starting to think its the gravy train now tha tbiden is getting into office..
    no more black people going to jail.. no more racism… the hate will stop now that biden is in office..
    the media is so right.. everything is just so happy and peachy right ?
    Well I am not taking sides as you have to do your homework on this – You see bad in bth sides but through 2020 this plot to take down trump is pretty apparent.
    I am not a fan of either side but I certainly can tell you that the democrats are leading people down the path of – Rely on us..Trust your governmetn.. we will do everything for you – we will help you – Yah.. right. And if you think black people wont get shot , goto jail.. just commit criminal acts!
    if these younger folks dont want to work – well that' fine but when you get older and Habip .. and Rashi.. and all these names you cannot pronounce took your job – well look back and realize, you did nothing when you were younger.. You smoked pot, sat and jerked off with dirty port and nintendo… and meanwhile india, China, russia, and all these other countries make their way into the US and hold better jobs than you!

  22. Were you part of the coup? Mr. Jordan.

  23. Biden is Woodrow Wilson. Biden is FDR. 2 of the worst Presidents ever. Commie huggers.

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