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Rep. Jim Jordan won't say if Trump asking China to investigate Biden is appropriate | ABC News

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, discusses the impeachment inquiry into President Trump on “This Week.”

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  1. Hey didn't ask China. Twisting words fkn children

  2. He should of just used the same logic to reply. He was talking to the press and China was not present. So it is impossible to ask China to help.

    Grade 3 leftist logic.

  3. "Jordy" has proven to be a total shameless idiot on national TV. Nothing good will come of this in 2020. Republicans without a backbone will be fired at the voting booth.

  4. little George is a puppet controlled by another George

  5. Hillary asked China for Trump's tax returns, was she just joking???

  6. Answer the question – Jordan – liar scare

  7. I find it absolutely appalling that anyone would question the privilege of politicians to engage in corruption. Attempting to drain the swamp is a shameful act to be sure.

  8. Complicit sycophant. Trump has thr dirt on these guys…

  9. Jim Jordan is an asshole from Ohio.

  10. Who the hell voted this douchbag into office Smfh

  11. According to Rachel Maddow last night, one of Trump's private phone calls was, indeed, to President Xi of China asking him to investigate Biden. They've found the call on the secret server where all his Russia/Ukraine calls have been. This guy, Jordan, apparently doesn't know that fact.

  12. what a horrible human being and politician. Talking over everybody, repeating the same stupid debunked bs over and over again. Apologist and sycophant who is probably unable to feel shame.

  13. Listen to this fucking liar. Are you paying attention to this guy? He looks like a child thst got caught smoking in the boys room at school. Stop letting these guys ramble on. Cut them off.

  14. was it appropriate for Obama to have foreign countries investigate trump?

  15. Fake Tan Grandpa, all of a sudden he's concerned about corruption, he publicly declared he doesn't care what other nation's do in their own territory.

  16. How did Jordan know that China will not investigate Biden?

  17. No Georgie the charges against the Bidens are not unfounded. Look up the video where Biden admits that he called for the Ukrainian official to be fired for investigating his son and saying that the U.S. would withhold the one billion dollars in aid until he was fired. If that ain't corruption I don't know what is.

  18. US and China are in negotiations worth billions of dollars in trade. The Chinese side is being hurt by tariffs imposed by Trump. Trump asks if China will investigate his political rival. Jordan: "Do you think China will actually do it?" and then answers no, as if China has no incentive to investigate. Billions, hundreds of billions of reasons to throw not-one-of-their-own under the bus.

  19. Wow Jim, wow… Ridiculous!!!

  20. Exactly. Why won't Schiff release everything? There you go.

  21. 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰books
    George Stephanopoulos….
    Dirtbag bastard
    You're a f**** c******* George Stephanopoulos….
    The left mass media is a lap dog to the global table….
    Imbalance of power….

  22. Why not? If corruption has taken place why not investigate it or rather why not ask to have it investigated?

  23. So much corruption all around and this is why the U.S. of A. is on its way out as a superpower.

  24. How stupid does this moron "Jim Jack Off Jordan", think that the American people are?

  25. If obumer and hillery can do why it and worse, why can’t trump. And yes,yes, he can ask them to help.

  26. Jim Jordan is so enamored with Trump and his racism, misogyny, arrogance and lies that he is willing to put any semblance of principles, morals or ethics aside…in the interest of putting his own agenda and re-election ahead of his constituency… Biden's son is a stupid man but no less stupid than Trumps 5 mindless kids…if you are going to suggest Biden's son is corrupt, check out the word Trump in the dictionary…pseudonym for CORRUPT… Jordan makes me want to puke every time I see his or Graham or Rubio or McConnell's faces…I don't know how they sleep nights….must take a lot of scotch or drugs to help them…. how innately immoral can these "people" be?

  27. George fucks himself in the ass with frozen ball park franks.

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