Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Rep. John Lewis On Impeachment Inquiry: 'The Future Of Our Democracy Is At Stake' | NBC News

Congressman John Lewis, D-Ga., spoke on the House for and called for impeachment proceedings against President Trump. “To delay,” he said, “would betray the foundation of our democracy.”
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Rep. John Lewis On Impeachment Inquiry: ‘The Future Of Our Democracy Is At Stake’ | NBC News


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  1. I have watched this person, I am alert! I now know all of these democratic senators ,Thank you God for making Donald Trump our President! He has exploited ALL of these people! This guy thinks this speech is going down in history 🤣 🤮that’s why he is talking like this! I have seen this guy treat totally innocent people guilty!

  2. What a disingenuous hypocrite. He’s a member of the socialist party, so no surprise there.

  3. The Democratic Party; excuse me, the Socialist Party has lost their mind. They are adhering to a false narrative, so steadfastly, even if it makes them seem crazy and delusional. Their strategy is to stick to the storyline / fantasy no matter what. They’re gross, scary, and fright clown like.

  4. These racist bigoted Democrats can't stand it when control starts to slip from their hands. They are so envious of President Trump that it burns them up on the inside. LOL

  5. some animals are just not meant to be domesticated

  6. We do have a right to know! 💯

  7. Corrupt and criminal demons are afraid

  8. Are you morons gonna overlook Bidens crime and blackmailing, oh wait you’re demonrats if someone spits in your face you’ll claim it’s raining

  9. His hands were shaking so much, I thought he was going to pee on himself. LOL Nothing Burger old man, retire please

  10. emotion from boiling blood.

  11. It is really unsettling to realize that people voted for John Lewis. The guy is unhinged…like most of the Green-Socialist Leftists.

  12. Because when the Clinton campaign paid and engaged in real collusion while the Osama administration used its power and the FBI to wire tap then candidate trump was totally acceptable haha.

  13. Go ahead with this bull$hit and we’ll come out in droves for potus

  14. Not sure I like this guy people have secret agendas you can never trust anyone in these powerful positions

  15. Talk about racist!!!!!! These black rich senators are racist and hateful !!!! They hate the idea of trump actually helping black citizens!!!!!! These DEMOCRATS are Satan's agents of hate and division!!!!!!!

  16. Sorry, but anti white communist negroes don't get a say on what's at stake for me and mine. GTFO

  17. Finally, holding criminals accountability because no one is above the law, not even the president! This is a layup when you know of Trump's criminal history.

    There is over 30 years of Trump's shenanigans, and that whole can of worms is about to explode onto faces of the traitors of this country that think Trump is a patriot, he is nothing but a gifting criminal that sold you and me out.

  18. He is one of 67 members of congress that belong to the Socialist PArty USA. No surprise, most are black.

  19. Boy John needs another drink.

  20. What part of the Constitution do U want 2 talked about Rep. Lewis? How about U give a long lecture on the DEMONIC DEMOCRAPS, THE PARTY OF JIM CROW, KKK & AS A BLACK MAN VOTING AGAINST CIVIL RIGHTS! HOW MUCH MONEY DID THAT COST U 2 TURN YOUR HEAD, COVER YOUR EYES & EARS. Explain how the DEMONIC DEMOCRAPS HAVE RUINED EVERY CITY THEY HAVE EVERY MANAGED. How about U come down off your HOLIER than THOU, pulpit & try what Jesus taught us, "you who are without SIN cast the first stone". How about that Rep. Lewis!!!

  21. Dont let your children watch this . he will teach your how to whine and pout to get their way

  22. I can just see this guy getting lost and forgetting where he is or who he is, wondering around naked out of his head in the street. He seems so lost and crazy and old tbh.

  23. Coming from the Democrat Party; who PAID for dirt in order to start an illegal wiretap on President Trump.

  24. – the future of our )oomocracy is at stake –

  25. A racist, an adulterer, and a criminal walk into a McDonald's …

    The cashier asks, "What can I get you Mr. Trump?"

  26. I’ve never seen a party that’s soo far off base in my life. I mean really…it’s like they have nothing substantive to say on behalf of our country’s own citizens and OUR own issues.

  27. A complete waste of tax dollars. Stop whining like a teething toddler and do your job.

  28. I'd like to cue up Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" and see if his head will explode.

  29. Sit your old behind down and help out your district. Tired of this crap I DONT CARE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. if you prosecuted all those in politics who are lining their pockets with money from shady sources, there'd be no one left to run this country.

  31. What a surprise. An Obama loverboy calling for Trumps impeachment. Wow. Maybe would be a big deal if they hadn't been calling for this since he was elected. Hey Johnnie Boy, how about Biden….oh he's a democrat so nothing to see here.


  33. So this is what old black butthurt looks like. Pathetic, sad Little John.

  34. Tell me he does not look exactly like Elijah Cummings… Maybe they all do look alike LOL

  35. Lmao, Trump is releasing the full transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian PM. What's next, are you left-tards going to call for impeachment because he didn't say "goodbye" at the end of the call.
    I'm going to drop $100 on Trump's campaign. Trump 2020

  36. I find it amazing that the Democrats can say with a straight face they are protecting the Constitution while they have huge issues stemming from Obama, Hillary, Comey, and the whole bunch of them. I would welcome impeachment hearings for Trump if they used the same search for justice and look at what happened with Hillary (emials, pay to play, etc), Obama's statement to Putin, Comey et all and the FISA abuse. They stand there sanctimoniously calling Trump out when their own front porch is 2 feet thick in dung.

    When are the people of this nation going to toss them all out? I have no faith in the system at all and I am loosing faith in the people to see past the rhetoric and be as worried as I.

  37. Old racist Dem that looks like he is about to die.

  38. Impeach john Lewis for looking to much like Elijah Cummins and being just as corrupt

  39. Has John Lewis ever smiled? Seriously.

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