Friday , January 15 2021
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Rep. Jordan calls for Comey investigation: 'He's at the heart of everything'

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., discuss the latest developments on former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn’s case with FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs. #FoxBusiness #LouDobbs

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  1. Obama is a coward! He is a disgrace to the black community! Kenyan communism!

  2. Jim Jordan was at the heart of his wrestling team members being sexually molested and he let it continue without informing police. He needs to pay his debt to those boys and to the state of Ohio.

  3. i like jim jordan but when is justice be done trump be well god is w u👏

  4. Adam Chiff is responsible at the top. He goes they all will fall like dominos. It's not complicated go and vote Trump in November 2020. America will be Great Again. God bless the American People forever,,, Go and Vote Trump. He drained the Swamp now he needs 4 More years to get the Gators Out of The Deep Swamp.

  5. I like watching Mr. Jordon in the hearings, he is not afraid to call it what it is. We need more people like him in congress. This is what a grown up stand up man looks like.

  6. They could have caused a war by their mendacity against Russia and President Trump. They should be charged with treason. And they should be in jail.
    People go to jail everyday and stay till they go to court. Good for the goose good for the gander.

  7. To much talk and no action!

  8. Kennedy was murdered and now they tried to unseat our President. To much light on him or they would have killed him already.

  9. If these idiot’s do not go to jail then no one should ever go to jail all is corrupt. Prisoners should sue the government for not jailing these wit nits.

  10. Thank You Jim Jordan. You are such an honorable man and asset to theU.S.A.. Those responsible for the coup should be in GITMO ASAP send the media with them to report how they like it.

  11. President Obama did not order the FBI (Law Enforcement Officers who protect us from foreign enemies) to spy on President Trump's campaign. The FBI (not Obama's FBI) started investigating the former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn on their own because Flynn was doing some shady dealings with Russia and Turkey during the campaign, which is against the law and a threat to our national security. Michael Flynn pleaded guilty. Repeat: Michael Flynn pleaded guilty. I am positive President Obama was briefed on the investigation on Flynn because on November 10, 2016, President Obama met with President Trump for the first time after the election and President Obama warned President Trump about Michael Flynn. He was trying to help President Trump, but he couldn't shout it from a balcony because there was an ongoing investigation by our Law Enforcement Officers at the FBI regarding our national security. So President Obama secretly orders the FBI to spy on Michael Flymn, but then warns President Trump about the investigation he ordered? BS! Obamagate is another conspiracy theory with no rationale, no evidence, it's fake news! President Trump loved and raved about James Comey when days before the election pronounced that the FBI had an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton. Did anyone here have a problem with that? I didn't. The FBI did their job and investigating shady behavior and Hillary was acting shady. The FBI who have both Republicans & Democrats did their jobs. Also, masking is not illegal and President Obama followed procedure and unmasked Flynn because he was briefed that an unnamed American was undercutting the United States' efforts to put pressure on Vladimir Putin's government to act right. So President Obama and Vice President Biden along with a BUNCH of other people including Republicans wanted that name of this unnamed American and that unnamed American happened to be Michael Flynn who let's not forget pleaded guilty.

  12. No one can put this comey or Obama or Obama’s people in jail their above the law no way the only can get those people is a BAD KARMA

  13. I hope they charge everyone who knew before the election's, just think how many Democrat seats are open for new Democrats for 2020.

  14. Gowdy is a Traitor….plain an simple!!
    And He Knows it!!

  15. This is All about timing. AG Barr is being thorough in his report. My money is on. Early November. That's when the AG's report will be released.

  16. Drain the swamp. Trump2020

  17. Comey is treeson remove not to gitmo all of themt treeson traitor. And the fake news r America enmity to it it a coup and the news is in on it President Trump a great leader 2020 freedom

  18. pleaaas Donot call ombaba,,, president, thankyou God. he is gon 🤭🤥🤯🐀

  19. You Yanks are just a bunch of "SOFT COCKS ' Try squeezing your balls and see if any JUSTICE comes OUT

  20. Jordon likes the sound of his voice…..

  21. jordon is a joke, always wanting an investigation…..hell , how many do we need,,,,,still the traitors are walking free Jim, do you think you could do something about that… are like the rest of the worthless republicans…..

  22. You don't need to investigate everything that Comey has done just indict him for something you can prove and put him in jail for at least 2 years. The public will be happy with that.

  23. ALL those involved…no matter who they are…..should indicted…..prosecuted…..and incarcerated in prison……including Obama…

  24. Damm all these bastards give good head on I mean lip service I bet they give good blow jobs

  25. You know what? Had the Republicans came to the rescue as early, this Russia Hoax of Mueller and deep state could not have last some years. Because Trump was an OUTSIDER, some Republicans got different mindset. Look at Flake, Paul Ryan, Gowdy, Romney, even Lindsey Graham glorified Mueller, just changed his mind lately. As early you can see that Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Mueller were acting in bad faith. Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Gorka and many others could establish that.

  26. Hey guys, President Nixon will be jealous of this Obamagate. At Watergate there was just a breakin to get info on opposing party till it reached to the tapes in the Whitehouse. He was impeached, then resigned and pardoned 'cause of facing jailtime? Obamagate is a coup, a sabotage against the President, yet the Justice Department is shying away to reach justice

  27. Does the President have the power to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Obamagate?

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