Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Rep. Jordan Clashes With Dr. Fauci On Covid Restrictions: When Do Americans Get Their Freedom Back?

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci about restrictions in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and when they could be lifted. Dr. Fauci assured that as the number of vaccinations increased recommendations would change.
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Rep. Jordan Clashes With Dr. Fauci On Covid Restrictions: When Do Americans Get Their Freedom Back?


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  1. Lock up and SHUT UP Jim Jordan!

  2. Advice to Jordan. It is one thing to be thought a fool..it is another to speak and remove all doubt. Thank you Dr. Fauci for your service.

  3. It ends when Fauci and his cdc/vaccine friends make enough money

  4. Exijimos el respeto a la primera enmienda de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América.y respeto para los estrajeros que ingresén a territorio estaunidese .no más violación a la construcción y a los derechos humanos a inmigrantes

  5. Jordan sounds like a little child. If he represented me I would be calling his office to resign every single day! Just trash

  6. Makes sense, I mean the mask mandate has been an epic failure since putting in effect. Definition of insanity…. Mask Mandate, cases go up, more masks, cases go up, wear 2 or 3 masks, cases go up, make small children wear a mask… let me guess cases go up. Where is the study and pier review of the use of MASK? Don't bother looking its non-existent.

    All you get is a bunch of obvious dribble; yeah if someone coughs or sneezes in your face you can transmit COVID. Yeah, I needed a Phd. in immunology to make that statement…….

  7. Jim Jordan should have pulled his mask off at that moment and said "it ends right now" but it never goes there. I respect that he said something but that extra step would have made him a man. As long as he asking Fauci while he is wearing a mask it never ends.

    Dr. Faustus talking to another Jay. Always the same old story.

  8. We need to take them back period! These lies and liars have controlled us long enough!!!!

  9. Yea these masks have got to go.

  10. The constitution alone can destroy the Corona virus. Thank you Jordan, can’t believe I was so delusional to believe virologists.

  11. Scientist : We can’t send an Astronaut to the Sun he’ll burn.

    Republican : What if we send him at night?

    Scientist : I digress.

  12. Calexico California 💯🚧🚨🚧🚨🚧🚨🚧🚨 Remember Lives are at stake Heated Rep Connolly
    Remember Connolly saying two years ago yes same day as fissure 8 from Hawaii kelawaii volcanio 🚨🚧🚨💯🚧🚨🚧🚨🚧and last New year's in my garden with my two magical trees God left in my garden I'm just being calm calm calm you know why would Doctor fauchi get full credit when he don't have the solution remember I'm answering your answer your problem in calexico California 🚧🚨🚧🚨🚧🚨🚧💯🚧🚨🚨🚧🚧🚨🚧

  13. According to Dr. Dave Martin, the COVID JABS ARE NOT VACCINES, this is a mRNA Packaged in a Medical Device used to Stimulate the Human Cell into becoming a Pathogen Creator. Look Up, “The COVID-19 Jab IS NOT A VACCINE, It’s A Pathogen Creator”, by Dr. Dave Martin. Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker.

  14. Mrs. Jordan got brain damage..!

  15. Sad to say. Is not going to get back to normal. This covid bs, is part of their plan. So they can bring the NWO.

  16. HEY JIM!!

  17. Republicans are delusional. Look at this guy?

  18. Good thing he wearing his mask , hate to see a grown man slobber all over himself .

  19. Classic 'good cop'/'bad cop' mechanics. And you all fall for it. Good job, plebs.

  20. jordan has to be one of the dumbest people ever elected .

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