Rep. Lee Zeldin: Reality of spending bill is 'hitting home' for Democrats

New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin explains how an anticipated increase in IRS audits will impact everyday Americans on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. Time to 'Don't Recommend Channel' to ANY media outlet, including Fox. Stay classy why don't ya.

  2. If you make $400.000 a year you shouldn't be complaining most people on a fixed incomes earn $12.000 a year or less try living on that, then you can complain 🤔😄

  3. That's an average fleecing of the idle class 2 billion each year.

  4. Tax theft from not reporting income steals massive amounts from those who don’t cheat on their taxes. For crimes with relatively minor amounts, shoplifting, Repubs want enforcement. Tax theft mainly by rich people is twenty times as great but Repubs here say defund the police.

  5. It's no wonder faux is being sued for lying, let's remind everyone faux is not a registered new channel they are a registered entertainment venue.

  6. That bill is only one more bill for the bucket of bad the left has to add to their in your face GO HOME we have for them. WE did it their way and it sucked. Its time to go back to how we did it under Trump.

  7. CB says don't blame the people. You all were suppose to be fixing resolving the problems besides spending American' money on you lavish life style on vacation to China how many times . Do your job's and cut your pay and give it to the American people.

  8. The only thing Brian Stelter reads is the toppings menu at Baskin Robbins.

  9. Hopefully Democrats will come to their senses… Vote Republican in the upcoming midterm elections…

  10. This demcrat elite making war against all Americans. It guarantees the elite will be the most wealthy always and regardless of you affiliation or race you will always be the one picking cotton in the fields

  11. watch all of us stop paying taxes at all. as Americans we have an obligation to NOT pay a single red cent in taxes to any communists period.

  12. What did he say? I didn’t hear any real confirmation on the issue.

  13. What about Guiliani as a Target in a criminal prosecution You are a bunch of total morons lying to the American Public

  14. Who the hell watches these fools? CNN is such a joke.

  15. IRS fired in 2022 and 2024, fraud administration and Democrat pigs will be gone……. these Democrats heads have gotten so huge they have forgotten their fan base doesn't like the IRS or their socialist ways either. Dumbasses abound when power and money is their lifeblood.

  16. But the people of New York and New York City have been swept up by the socialists blm and the ltgbq organizations will always vote democrat sad to say

  17. The FBI employs approximately 35,000 people, including special agents and support professionals such as intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, and information technology specialists. So that's TOTAL!
    The IRS was just cleared to hire 87,000 people,… and they must be able to carry firearms! …. WHAT????? YUP, ….let's go Brandon.
    Forgot to mention, the IRS presently employs about 80,000 people.

  18. How about every American is taxed the same percentage

  19. This segment should have a warning label. Warning: contains footage of sh*t-eating garden gnomes that some viewers may find disturbing.


  21. Lol democrat voters will see what they did by voting for the wild communist extremists holding power in america now .better wake up and vote against them in november .they already have a bulls eye on every poor or middle class persons back .it can get even worse trust me !

  22. That Stelter is such a, well, you fill in the blank!!