Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Backlash After Supporting Violent Social Media Posts | NBC News

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene may face a measure to expel her from congress. NBC’s Blayne Alexander has the story.
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Backlash After Supporting Violent Social Media Posts | NBC News


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  1. Under fire she must go america open your eyes . Get her out don't let her grow. Act vote her out

  2. Ignorant, racist, anti-federal government confederate descendants will always support their own.

  3. Say it loud say it proud.

  4. What a wonderful American loving strong woman and mom ! I bet her family, and kids are very proud of her.

  5. What goes around comes around ,

  6. Trudeau and Biden are only there because of an Italian Satalite and a Chinese vote changing program and Domininion voting machines. Otherwise walmart would reject them as greeters.

  7. Wow! Her supporters are ugly from the outside, in.

  8. Greene is a real green snake in green grass.

  9. Is it possible for Pelosi to sue her for the threat on her life?

  10. The people who voted her in are just as horrible.

  11. 2:33 that’s what’s I call a Karen voter she even got a Karen haircut and a Karen ear pierce 😆

  12. Actually – it is NOT a false statement saying that Pelosi is guilty of treason. She IS!!! Anyone who tries to impeach a president AFTER he leaves office knows full well that this is unconstitutional, and not upholding her oath to uphold the Constitution makes her guilty of treason and sedition. I don't respect the way these leftist media outlets editorialize the news by injecting adjectives that are outright lies in order to manipulate public thinking. And while Greene's call for violence is unacceptable, what makes her any different from Maxine Waters and AOC and Johnson who called for the assassination of President Trump and harassment of Republicans in public places (Waters) and a list of Trump supporters and voters so that they could be taught a lesson, deprived of employment and other nefarious, odious, violent orders (AOC and Johnson – walk carefully) ? I'll tell you what's different – the Media and duck swamp are complicit with AOC , Waters and Johnson. That's what. These people have devolved into pre-K playground bullies. Anyone, no matter their affiliation, calling for violence is a mental midget and unfit to serve at the Capitol supported by our tax dollars (the legal end, anyway). Get rid of Greene. Get rid of Waters, AOC and Johnson. And get rid of all those who approved of the violent riots this past spring, summer and fall where 43 people were murdered in cold blood, including children, but pretend to be outraged by Jan. 6th, especially since they told the cops to "stand down," just as they did during the Kavanaugh hearings when Democrats stormed the Capitol and the left was not at all upset by that..

  13. Is she on drugs or just straight krazy ? Maybe both🤦

  14. Ummmm I think Congress is easy to work in like you can literally be a crack head and still work on Congress ohhh there’s already a crack head in Congress I not gonna say it yal know who it is 😏😂

  15. Americans your politicians are what the Frenchman calls deguelasse

  16. She not getting exspelled LOL CBS and CNN lies

  17. marjorie green is a lizard person in a human suit

  18. How about the comments made by Kamala Harris? Is she also going to be bashed as dems bash reps? Double edged swords in Congress and senate

  19. Democrat party=The no common sense party!!!

  20. A question in 3 parts for Marjorie Greene : Do u believe in God , are you a Christian , you ever think about ur own mortality ?

  21. CBS fake news too, media like CBS doesn’t talk about Nancy when she said people going to do talking about the violence from last year summer what happen

  22. Greene is telling the truth!!

  23. CNN is fake news there the dumbest fake news LOL, they don’t have all true facts it wasn’t her that made a comments

  24. I like people who speak their thoughts without Bullying, Threats, Violence, Disrespecting. Yes it can be done the true Freedom way, No one have to put a gun of threats and disrespectful to force anyone's decision making that is Not American way or style.

  25. Sounds like terroristic threats made by this mad woman. Way to do NOTHING FBI, thus enabling her threats. One day from which she may act out on.

  26. it should be reported that SHE RAN UNOPPOSED.

  27. Another reason I will be LEAVING the Republican Party after 30 years like many others!! Enough is enough Biden good choice!!!👍

  28. She also made a post saying that Jewish people used space lasers to cause the California wildfires. jfc

  29. She needs to be expelled from congress, and investigated, she belongs to the mountains!

  30. Please get these messed up people out!! Q anon weirdos!!

  31. Marjorie is a lunatic. The people who voted for her are also lunatic.



  34. Love her extremist conspiracy theories! Check it out!

  35. oo another witch hunt when are these people doing these witch hunts going to be held accountable

  36. She is the pure definition of hate mongering, to get into office. Where are her morals and decency? Or better yet, did she ever have them? trump has opened Pandora's box…….

  37. It’s called freedom of speech just because you don’t like what she says she still has the right to her opinion y’all are just mad because she had enough nerve to say it out loud

  38. People in the senate will still back her up as they do Trump republicans don't care.

  39. Nah, she won't be expel. Those spineless & corrupt republican leaderships even awarded her cause they support people like her. Just look at the orange baby they worship

  40. Starting to think psychiatric evaluations might be necessary to running for office ???

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