Saturday , May 30 2020
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Rep. Matt Gaetz: Democrats are waging a war on prosperity

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., believes the Democrats are out to attack Americans who are doing well, despite Trump’s economic policies leading to a blue-collar boom and wages rising. #FoxBusiness

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  1. They understand. Control comes first. And of course in reality there is no God. There is just how they think.

  2. Matt Gaetz Is a patriot and does support Trump.

  3. Okay. So, you're mad at Lemon and Dems because they look down on us conservatives then you proceed to call them hacks and other names. How is that any different?

  4. Trump is waging a war on prosperity. He is borrowing a trillion every year like he did with his casinos. Will he apologize to America for raising the national debt a trillion a year just to make the economy look good. Gaetz is a hack not a congressman.

  5. Why have the Senators not asked what happened to the 18th Witness his testimony and why it hasn't been brought forward?

  6. Trish becomes transparent, using "them" versus "us" in trying to defend the middle class. Very big of her to defend "them", excluding herself.

  7. from the guy who voted aginst Trump

  8. "GIGGITY GATES" I wonder how much she will get from her future sexual harassment suit against Fox?

  9. CNN toilet paper tabloid news. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Nobody cares what those boorish, pedantic, and self important jerks say on CNN or MSNBC ala Don Lemonhead and Richard Maddow.

  11. I don't recall there being a homeless problem, like L.A., S.F., Seattle, and Portland, until we got invaded be 22 million illegal immigrants.

  12. gaetz can't be trusted anymore…………….

  13. Trish Regan is the best host on FOX News right now, She's easy on the eyes and easy to listen too versus Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity.

  14. Im a proud American deplorable, dredge of society patriot

  15. Democrats….trumps interfering with our corruption…HOW DARE YOU..😂

  16. Trish, where do you live? Not among the middle-class or in blue-collar neighbourhoods. Where do your kids go to school? Stop pretending you care about and like Trump voters

  17. It's Way Past time that CNN Paused its 24/7 attack on our President and got up the courage to start defending itself against its Real enemy – the sixty-three MILLION people who voted for Trump and who have only contempt for CNN.. Few of us are reporters or journalists – who CNN considers 'literate'. Yet, we communicate with each other perfectly – even though we use a variety of ways for our written expression. It seems that CNN Comments are written by less than 6 full-time staff who have taken out dozens of different YouTube ID's. CNN is phony . We "illiterate Rubes" are genuine. This morning I'm posting this same comment on at least five CNN YouTube sites.

  18. Watch this guy. He seemed like a real Patriot, yet he voted with the Democrats to limit the Executive branch's s power to take military action.
    Obama did much worse, and he was lauded by the Democrats for his actions. When Gaetz was asked about his vote, he got very nervous and did a lot of fast talking but said very little.

  19. America wants our perverted president GONE!!!!!!

  20. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler, and the Democrats are unwell and traitorous and a con artists, they are also far from admirable. A lame impeachment coup attempt by Democrats seeking to nullify everyone's vote is going to fail and Trump will be acquitted in the Senate. The Democrats will go down in history as lame political hacks attempting a coup to install Hillary Clinton as Dictator. (Democrat-acting-like-Fascist-Pigs) Abuse of Power by Democrats using impeachment as a partisan hack political weapon should be frowned upon by every decent American citizen voter.

  21. Im a democrat and a veteran and i am so disgusted with my party i am going to switch parties and vote all republican in the 2020 election……..

  22. Trish, did Matt make you get all tongue tied when he first came on?! Yes, he did me, too!!! 🤪 I lust him 😊

  23. The right wing all some clowns along side their weak as supporters

  24. The clown on tapes and videos with a man he said he didn’t know and Fox News spreading lies trying to coverup his wrong doings

  25. The same man who went against trump in the Limit His Power process you a clown Matt fake

  26. The same man who went against trump in the Limit His Power process you a clown Matt fake

  27. And where the phk is barr? Wtf is he doing. Dows he need another 3 years???

  28. I tell you at this point who is doing what or said what? STAELING MILLIONS OUT OF SOCIAL SECURTY IS ILLEGAL AND UNACCEPTABLE They best be putting it back!

  29. After thr Republicans allow the dems to call witnesses. They will win. Our economy will collapse, no 401k, jobs will leave again, China will will walk on us, mass immigration…. thanks.

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