Wednesday , January 27 2021
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‘Rep. Matt Putz’: New Jersey Governor Slams Gaetz For Maskless Indoor Fundraiser | NBC News NOW

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy strongly criticized Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., after images surfaced on social media of him at an indoor, maskless fundraising event in New Jersey with the New York Young Republican Club. The Democratic governor called Gaetz a “putz” and said he was not welcome back in New Jersey.
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‘Rep. Matt Putz’: New Jersey Governor Slams Gaetz For Maskless Indoor Fundraiser | NBC News NOW


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  1. I'm from Iowa and never thought Iowa was great but some of those southern states have been taken over by white supremacist groups like the kkk and who promotes violence. They go back in the woods and play army. Why don't they join the army where they can play real army, oh, to stupid to pass the test!!! R.O.F.L.M.A.O CAKE BOSS

  2. Matt Gaetz is a spoiled snot nosed brat.

  3. Why can't he be the Gov of my state. Love this guy.

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  5. You got it right the first time NJ Governor: Matt Putz fits him well!

  6. An ex Navy Seal with no common sense as a public servant.

  7. YEA!!!! Throw Matt out of New Jersey then the Senate, he's nothing more than pile left in Trump's DIAPER

  8. This people will be looking for a hospital not in NJ. Gov. Murphy the caring Governor he worked hard at updating us.

  9. Follow the rules love Gov Murphy. When Covid affects this group I will be looking for a hospital. Covid is real u should have been at my friends brothers funeral. We are still feeling the pain.

  10. The Governor is the freaking moron

  11. Keep that scum bag Gaetz out of my state.


  13. This is America Phil Murphy you can't stop anybody from coming to this state Matt Gaetz is always welcomed here like any other pro American! Maybe you're not welcomed here!

  14. Matt Putz was a funny tongue slip, but wouldn’t Matt Schmutz have been even better

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  16. NJ cops should of gave him a field sobriety test…His daddy Cant help him in New Jersey…He's a huge Alcoholic

  17. I don’t ever want to see you in my state your not welcome I love this governor 😂. Putz. Freakin perfect 👌

  18. Matt Gaetz has a Covid wish!

  19. Putz just like a zit goes putz all you see is puss and when he becomes Covid19 positive putz where do you go from there

  20. Goofy Gaetz is a disgusting excuse for a human being who is willingly acting as a super spreader.

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