Tuesday , September 29 2020
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Rep. Ratcliffe: IG Report is an indictment of James Comey

Rep. John Ratcliffe joins Mornings with Maria to discuss the findings of the Inspector General report, the impeachment inquiry and USMCA.

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  1. Christopher Ray should be sacked, and the next director should be Trey Goudy…..

  2. USA is falling apart. A banana republic…

  3. FISA courts were a GW era product, expanded by BHO … we all knew this was coming

  4. Just bring back the gallows and public hangings. Watch how fast the rats abandon ship.

  5. I am saddened by the prospect that President Tulsi Gabbard could face this same Impeachment scenario starting in 2021

  6. How long will it be before they break down and admit it was John McCain that started all this.

  7. Trump can only blame himself for not getting rid of all the traitors he can fire them all but he fkn doesn't

  8. The IG is a dog and needs to be fired wtf is Trump doing

  9. Mr President, we see even more clearly how deep and corrupt the swamp is! Go Trump 2020 and 2024

  10. If after three years of this criminal behavior someone is not executed America is finished as an independent nation. Treason was committed by many in the establishment of the Federal governemnt. heads need to roll. Justice Must be carried out

  11. I am hoping come Christmas this President will take some time off from his duties and enjoy his family and friends for some rest and relaxation. He is so deserving of it. Merry Christmas to you and family Mr. President.

  12. How much money did Howowitz earn on the deep state to come up with a conclusion as he did in his report

  13. Yes Mr President. IT is truely a disgrace.

  14. Horowitz is a SWAMP CREATURE and his last report was the same.
    'People did all this illegal corrupt stuff . . . but they are still nice people.'

  15. What is Horowits doing ? He did same Comey ' action for Hillary ' crimes !Who is real-person ? who is liar ? dangerous tools ? May be ; For a lot of Dollars ?

  16. Did the report use the word 'justified'? No, it did not…

  17. Wray is the most smug human I have ever seen. Another left over SWAMP CREATURE.

  18. So indict him? Indict anybody? Nothing will happen to anybody for real crimes and the President will still get impeached by Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and the DEMS. Sad state of affairs in America. Grow some balls GOP. DO SOMETHING! The Senate should not even take up this sham impeachment.

  19. What's actually really amazing and hypocritical is that the Democrats want to impeach Trump for what they say is trying to Target his political opponent, and yet not one mention by anyone of the fact that Hillary Clinton targeted Trump as her political opponent opponent. Such a hypocrisy. Unbelievable.

  20. I want to see Christopher Wray needs to pay

  21. Wray is just as big of a traitor and weasle as Rosenstein was.

  22. Horowitz is the same kind of crap as Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Strzok & Co.

  23. YEP… IG report was a Joke on us. Russia Investigation Justified? Really ???
    That sickens me to see colmey and the democrats along with the resistance media
    taking a huge victory lap!!!   I tell you what…   When
    all this shakes out, and all the reports are concluded and all the cards are on
    the table. If Barr & Durham can’t come up with any high level prosecutions
    leading to convictions and Big Time prison sentences. There is going to be Big
    Time Trouble in America.  “WE THE PEOPLE” are fed up with the two teared
    Justice system and aren't going to put up with it anymore.

  24. Maybe Wray should be replaced by Rep Ratcliffe.

  25. IG Horowitz bar for conduct is so low that the criteria for FBI conduct are just short of committing federal crimes. US Attorney Durham sees more there and his criminal referrals will clarify those who broke federal law. The leadership at the FBI are dirty cops and deserve to be indicted for the crimes they committed.

  26. To maintain that the process was not politically motivated is beyond ludicrous.

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