Saturday , May 15 2021
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Rep. Scalise talks to press following border tour

Rep. Steve Scalise and members of his delegation hold a press conference after their border tour. Anzalduas Park, Mission, TX. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Why aren't governors putting national guard on borders to help border guards.this is b.s.! pressure the state governments..jus sayin..

  2. Talking is good Republican leaders BUT you have to take actions against Joe biden's administration illegal catastrophe

  3. Ask jb to take a whiff of this.

  4. The Pentagon says the USA will lose quickly to China in a war with Biden as POTUS… IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS

  5. With this border crisis that President Biden created shows that he really isn't in unifying USA citizens.

  6. Can you all run an ad on social media and the main stream networks showing the low information voters this crisis? We have a chunk of our population who don't even know this is happening! PLEASE GET THE MESSAGE OUT TO ALL!! Biden has already failed in his job – time to IMPEACH!!!

  7. Texas, pls call in the national guard!!!

  8. Biden's only concern is to "SHOW" President Trump that he can erase all of his progress!!! If that hurts the Country then "SO BE IT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. BIDEN NEEDS TO GO!!! IMPEACH HIM THE CACKLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What yall gonna do. My god. How much more do yall need to see.

  11. This is not a border crisis, this is biden's successful plan unfolding. TROOPS AND CITIZENS PROTECT YOUR BORDERS NOW!!

  12. Get Biden out impeach him now now. Not my Pres. Never he’s sick old man.

  13. Thank you Representatives! 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  14. Thank you Georgia, your voting in our Senate race ensured our end. Now cry and reap what you’ve sewn

  15. The crisis @ the Border is a DISGRACE!! Start impeachment proceedings ASAP!! Take Kamala down with you since she’s running the show anyway!!

  16. I am willing to bet they are benefiting from this monetary this is why they are sitting on this. They probably have agreements with the cartel it’s all evil and corrupt. God Bless America

  17. Can I hear a Democrat that actually believes the man you voted for? I didn’t vote for Biden but this is common since. By the time any one addresses this it will be to late and so many will suffer. This is are country to.!

  18. Can Texas just override and make their own rules ???

  19. Unrelated but is anyone getting sound through there left earbud only when watching this video?

  20. SOME STATES have extra $$$ may like to donate some to raise the salary of our border patrols. They're doing more than their job descriptions. They also put their lives on the harm's way for us, we appreciate all they do as "good Samaritans".

  21. Yeah all we have to do something about this we gotta right the White House I mean come on this will come through everyone of our states people are gonna lose jobs I feel sorry for them I do but we have to have legal immigrants not just Boston like the Kool-Aid man

  22. biden can't go to the border why do you think they put up the fence to keep him from wandering off

  23. in a quick preface. this is a loving, patriotic letter of encouragement that I do pray finds Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, my man Sen, Cassidy but also to all house, senate, local leg, law enforcement, intelligence, natl security, private sector, military, civ contractors, municipal workers, community contributors good americans and good people of the world. After a few (6) cold ones and some crawfish, we'll slip into what some may consider MILDLY ranty. Aside from this, a big congratulations and great job, congressman Scalise! Love seeing such a wellspoken and well conducted representation of the best of our beloved state as one of the new rockstars on FOX. Must also say that Sen. Cassidy has been ABSOLUTELY brilliant and is going to be IN for good with america and knocked it out of the PARK on screen. You both have very appealing strengths and I do hope you showcase them whenever "the man" throws you a little crumb and you get the opportunity to pop on for a few seconds. Cheers from st. bernard. You've both been doing such a fantastic job, lately, and make for such a fine representation of our state. I assume there are reasons you were both a little oddly positioned on a few of the tinier issues recently. This beautiful, sportman's mecca is such a gem… truly beautiful.. with some TLC, we truly should be in the conversation of TX and FLA amongst the most desirable PARADISES left in this country. It's just endless potential, beauty, tradition, wildlife, fishing, culture.. we need a little guidance. I suppose the good ol boy club sort of thing going on in most of the state with just a little more goodness, fairness, little more room to breathe…. just more well intentioned, morality injected would really soften up some of those icky things that sure, are, likely essential but can be going way easier on people that are easily farmable. Just a LITTLE sacrifice, tidying up. The things I speak of all are money-centric. I mean, this state could an absolute titan… on every level. we've got a sea of red with one, criminally mismanaged and purposefully mislead city. Incalcuable amounts of tourism dollars have been taken from this state, Thats not to say it wouldnt have all gotten mismanaged , someone has to has someballs and gut the city and put in good, uncompromised leadership. Every dog can have its bone here- and it CAN be on the up and up. Even our most indulgent little industries should find success and harmony as formerly one of the greatest destinations in the world for a great time! I'd like to submit to you that VAST amounts of people know a substaintial amount about the current state of things! This lunacy must end. Finish whatever the hell you guys are doing! We want Trump back in- with a REAL supporting staff, not 90% saboteurs. We want people like YOU in there. The world ADORES Trump. We know he won the election beyond convincingly. This smoke screen of media propagated division and hysteria… some people are born in situations or cirumstances that render them unable to understand what this all really is. People are out there that are living in misery because of this. They're scared. It's not right to allow them to be abused. Unless there is a metaphorical gun to everyone's head… you guys can/should have stopped all this LONG ago. I am of the opinion that the corruption of the Bush, Clinton, Obama regimes where not fully understood until much after the fact. You all must know by now and the one's who are part of it… There are probably so many paths begging you to take them. To get right, to forgiveness the repair of the country is more important than punishing every little couple million dollars worth of kickacks and other little frowned upon, cheeky little things. We want the BAD ones gone. You're not all gonna go down together… Even the worst blackmail you can work yourself out of if you can get with the pockets of less corrupt intel community. Get the evil ones out. Turn on them. They're trash, anyway. This is the only way it ends without the wild, absolute, last resort of physically retaking it. We have to get back on the right path. Not even the super morale highground, sainthood path. This is nothing but a freefall rightnow. Unsustainable – and obviously by design. We have to begin the process of meandering back to a midddle ground- and hey- lets even lean a little to the direction of good. It feels good- its also the right thing to do. Greed is forgivible rn( I AM a stock broker, afterall and have only benefitted WILDLY – happiness and monetarily- really found my absolute calling, through this 2 year long flu season) We want treason and the other real evil out. We cant just vote everyone out, which im sure everyone is guilty of something- the preservation and repair of the country is more important right now. That being said, many would rightly and justly incur the results of what a tribunal would come to decide. There should be no EARTHLY reason that so many terrible, terrible things are even allowed to be happening… the lib tv networks/instituational education corruption… are even allowed to exist. The minds of our country are being knowingly corrupted…. While FOX is obviously a variant of controlled opposition, they're at least not just… lying… constantly… maliciously… The country wants Trump. The country loves Trump. 4, maliciously dishonest MSM channels "hate" him. Well, they don't even hate him, they're playing the game and those who aren't factually and knowingly EVIL are sadly just very misguided. Yes, many people wouldve been super mad but… who cares… its either.. do the morally correct thing and give them the chance of deprograming… or let them reside in toontown forever. Its now or never. I would never choose to live in a state of inversion if presented with logic, communication tactics, warmth and transparently good motivation. I know theres a way to reach more people than you may think. There is some sort of subsector that will wildly have some sort of fight or flight thing triggered and seemingly as hard as you try- you cant get to them. Tons of families dont even talk because of microcosoms. Its easy to get so angry – to the point of HATE- because you don't like seeing a person you love being hurt in this most harmful way. Think of it like the market… We have to leave emotion out. You only get mad if you love someone… You can't. Identitfy that if this happens, you've already lost them. Reach as many as you can, then they will, even people that you think are so far gone, lost and to hell with them … maybe someone comes along and reaches them later. We're either all going to die in misery and in absolute states of reality inversion, or we can get this pendulum swinging back to the good side. Its all been rigged even since the youth of the nation. War profiteers, so on and so on and we all know the big bad wolves. When the pendulum seemingly was in the middle- it was really MOSTLY horrible. Imagine if we got this thing going on a truthfully good side. Imagine the beautiful things we could accomplish and inspire in others if TRUTH and FREEDOM and LOVE were the majority's sentiment… rather than.. the actual state of by the likes of TIKTOK , which is brainwashing the youth of today. The audacity… Its so blatant.. Its obvious… I dont understand how people that allow themselves to hurt people in this way do not feel…. so much shame.. It isnt apparent to me how they could even letthemselves participate in something so sinister. Those are the ones that we have to target- forgetting about political correctness in the process. That sort of mental midgetry was put in place to PROTECT the evil people. We have to have the courage to save the next generation. The schools are misguiding them. The liberal indoctrination nonsense —– cont

  24. maybe we need to start paying the Mexican cartel to run the borders have them keep out the illegals

  25. It's all about the kids politicians love children and how easy it is to traffic them with no border¥

  26. Where is the military to remove these traitors out of the WH? These weren't elected by the people, they were selected by Dominion. They are derelict in the duties. None of these Democrats are protecting the American people.

  27. Its astonishing that the GOP still can't figure out this is a planned globalist take down of America

  28. I'm sorry the idiots have no shame,they hate America, and have sold it, do something before April 22nd, or say goodbye to America.

  29. The biden administration is illegitimate, and we have a constitution for that, its called the tyrant constitution. Read and let's use it. We have executed the biggest voter fraud in American history ( joey biden).

  30. talk talk talk nothing but talk….do something about it…stop talking only…

  31. Bidens too busy trying to pack the courts, and take our guns away.

  32. Why can't we impeach him?
    Biden has been putting our country in danger!

  33. Impeach the whole administration, and polosi.

  34. And why do we just watch it happen when we KNOW harris/biden is a puppet government acting on behalf of WHO????

  35. Texas these remined me of a old move we lost the bikes the fence was down and the next thing eye new it was all gone , coming to a border near and dear to you good luck.

  36. I would take over the message that Republicans will make sure all the kids are safe and bit the democrats. They are just using them Republicans need to show all Democrats and Republicans watching finally who should be in charge right now. @tedcruz @Lindsay graham

  37. It is obvious the demicrats want to drag America down to comply with the NWO!

  38. Isn't this an impeachable non-action? Why are the Republicans not taking action? Do we have to wait till the country is completely destroyed?

  39. Hey Texas stand up for America. Hey Republicans it's time to take real actions against the regime. Hey fauci it's time to start vaccinating the illegals at our border

  40. Texas just shut them down & build the wall, against Biden. They have proven not to care for Americans! They are evil!

  41. Whoever watched the add during this video, be aware of the hypnotism in the youtube ads. They want to make you think wearing a mask is cool.
    A paper or cloth mask is useless

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