Rep. Steve Scalise: Government went on a drunken spending spree for the past 2 years

Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise provides insight on the omnibus spending bill on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusinesss #Kudlow

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  1. Basement brandy Biden cheats lies scum he is! Spends way to much! shuts down oil, opens border! Starts war! Lousy ever president 46th….

  2. People first came to this country to escape the out of control taxing from the English government. It was great in the beginning but now our government has gotten out of control and we are back to what those people fled from.

  3. What we have is modern TAXATION w/o representation. The pols are working only for special interest and they scr*wed us over during Covid and into the future with all the worthless booster costs while Pharma gets rich and the public gets injured. Only a few patriot warriors in Congress – the rest are self serving worthless seat warmers.

  4. Maybe they should eliminate the income tax for everyone making under $75K or create a flat tax. All Congress seems to do is waste our income tax. The system is broken. The post war developers make all the money – as will happen in Ukraine as they "rebuild" and our nation turns into a 3rd world hell hole.

  5. No different than Ukraine money laundering with the fraud himself getting person of the year. What is the point of asking why money is going to Cos that kow tow to China and get their directives from the CCP – if it's not leading anywhere? The tax money is gone. Create laws to prevent American taxpayers from getting totally screwed by the Globalists who have sold out our nation. Then prosecute them aggressively.

  6. So the citizens can’t get free stuff, but you politicians can?! Lobster dinners, free trips to Delaware and to golf courses in Florida, insider trading data, etc. It sounds like all politicians are the problem

  7. And the Republicans will SAVE us all from the MONSTER DEFICT, right, what utter BS, every Republican administration in the past five have run this country into an economic DISASTER and that's a FACT !

  8. Pro America energy agenda. Bring it on.

  9. They are criminals that broke the law. They are not government. Wanna suk their…? You can have free goods. They are called gifts. ASK FOR THEM -_- We are PEOPLE!

  10. Why have a debt ceiling?

  11. Printing money is a Tax

  12. To talk about it , where. Does the results of " a committee meeting " turn into "A results meeting" ? When ?

  13. Scalise meant 2 decades, and he also meant Net-and-yahoo. Yahoo news!

  14. Let's mine lithium in California and headquarter it in San Francisco!!! 😂

  15. Just look at the way these Republicans talk about the Dems stopping our energy independence.
    Now imagine how Schiff and Nancy would talk about it.
    They wouldn't fund the government period right now.
    I am so sick of the GOP and their submissive attitude. 🤬

  16. 8 trillion under Ex-Guy and what did we get??
    Space Force
    3 miles of “New” wall
    Temporary tax breaks for us
    Permanent tax cuts for billionaires
    Yup sounds fair to me.

  17. And we are the victims or at least our pocketbooks.

  18. Biden has done more to help china than he has America!!! He's weakened our country in EVERY WAY!! we have the WEAKEST LEADERSHIP our country has ever known

  19. 2 losers giving their opinion on stupid bs

  20. Intentional to create a debt crises and inflation

  21. It’s the same 💩 each time a Democrat is elected, tax and spend. Republicans eventually get back in and it takes years to recover. Then Democrats get back in and tax and spend all over again. The American taxpayers are being taken for a hell of a ride and have been for a long long time. It’s all BS and needs to stop!!

  22. Conservatives are watch with bated breath. Deep down we know you will negotiate all we stand for away.

  23. Exactly corrupt Biden government

  24. Drunken spending spree for just the past two years?!? Look at our defense budget and compare it to our education budget…anyone that has been paying attention for the last couple of decades and is a critical thinker, will see that BOTH parties are evil, vile creatures that work entirely against the American public.

  25. Big government spending is a hallmark of socialist countries. It will not only waste taxpayers money but create corruption for interest groups. One example is that Biden subsides the TSMC to build factories in Arizona. TSMC is one of the richest companies in the world by selling most of its chips to American companies companies Apple/Nvidia/AMD/Qualcomm/Broadcom/….. The government has the leverage to use policy tools so TSMC has to build chips locally here. TSMC started such an effort during Trump administration, but waited for Biden’s subsidies. Does everyone know how much TSMC will get from Biden?

  26. The GOP house want have the balls to help straighten this mess out!

  27. We could design an awesome horse drawn carriage by all the engineers Ford has been retiring…

  28. How bout loading all the cheap broken Chinese stuff back in shipping containers
    and send it back to them. Dollar General is full of this stuff…along with the 5ft tall metal chickens at TSC stores…reduce the deficit.


  30. Jennifer Granholm is a wolve in sheep's clothing.
    She destroyed MI schools.
    She signed on to MI to take Canada's garbage.
    Everything she touches benefits $hina…
    Born in Vancouver Canada, Democrat.

    I was not shocked that, Uncle Joe put her in the position she is in.

    Front & Center to help $hina.

  31. Shouldn’t that be stopped before it all happens??? Think it’ll be too late just like the rest of the hot air coming out of the capital!!!

  32. McConnell better not support an omnibus drunken spending bill.!!!