Monday , January 25 2021
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Rep Steve Scalise: Pelosi's USPS efforts are a 'money grab'

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., expresses his frustration over Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., holding families hostages as she tries to address issues with the United States Postal Service.

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  1. Its not a money perse. Its too pay the Postmasters off for criminally stuffing the ballot for biden.

  2. Everyone playing the blame game

  3. Youfolks who could really use s o me stimulous look who doesnt care about you and. Your lives its bulldog pelosi a n d you want that set leading ourcountry. They have it cushy no expenses like. Regular folks think about it. Think long and hard

  4. Post office has been in the trach for year

  5. We. All need. It. For. Bill's. Foods rent. It. Will. Pass. Stop. Drag. They. Feet

  6. That. Nancy. Should. Get. Fried. She. Is. So. Stupied. She. Got. Money. Tank

  7. Honestly, In my opinion It’s just another way for the left to get more votes than they actually got. Honestly I want it to be a fair election. Am I the only one? I want it to be fair. I’m not against voting by mail it’s been done for a while, but getting everyone to do it….I feel like they are going to claim they got votes they really didn’t get… I can’t vote cause I’m not old enough. So what I say probably won’t count😂 but you get what I’m saying… hopefully….😅

  8. Pelosi and Schumer are the cancer of the Democratic party, besides the revolutionary infiltration of Socialist small group of women in congress.

  9. That. Lady. Don't. Give. A. Damm

  10. Can someone please tell me why we can't get her out of office?

  11. Another Nancy Pelosi manufactured crises this is a manufactured crises it is a collusion by the Democrats to come up with a narrative and why they lost the election they are already planning to have excuses for why they lost instead of why they word good enough to win the election this is why they want to start this issue with the Postal Service once again another plot to say that they lost because of ill and get realities the Democrats have no policy except take away from you and give to themselves it's time to vote these people out of office and run a recount on the girls of the squad's election it's funny that they won re-election give me a break as crooked as they are I don't believe that the American people would want them in office I would urge a recount on the voters who voted for these girls of the squad

  12. Just another crisis the Democrats are creating, go to the poles and vote, President TRUMP and our Country needs us more than ever, we have to get these criminals the hell out of our Government, and start marching them to prison.

  13. This is what insane desperation looks like folks, these lyin, criminal Democrats are fighting for their lives, they know the hammer is starting to drop on them, they held the swamp draining off for the first 4 years with all of their lies and illegal investigations, impeachment and all of that crap, they only have one bullet left, one last chance to over throw our Government and get back to the cover up, well they will waste that bullet also.
    TRUMP 4 more years and they are going down.


  15. There is a man that works with me he is Mexican and his mother lives in Mexico she draws Social Security and she votes see how easy it can happen

  16. Our president is a patriot, and wants us to prosper.

  17. Nancy P has to be one of the most evil people on earth. So glad Trump went ahead and Approved 2nd stimulus by way of executive order, else we would still be waiting. Democrats don't care about us ,just wanted more money on bill , that had nothing to do with covid ,some to bail out democratic run cities going bankrupt , because of poor leadership. They didn't pass the last stimulus until they got 250 million for the Kennedy library, that's bs.

  18. Remember that mail man that had bags and bags of mail in his garage not delieved! Republicans vote in person because the dems are going to cheat and try to steal your vote. It the only way they can win by cheating!

  19. Yes you are stingy old lady you be by your self

  20. Your stingy your terrible i hate you old lady

  21. What is funny the Dems blame Trump for removing mail boxes to cheat.. any one looking at this knows if they move the box and cut over time, it will delay the count. Remember this happen during the Bush election.

  22. Usps more important than your family they have to save the fraudulent mail votes to Steal the Election The Democrats don't care about you or your Family Remember this in November

  23. 560 wildfires burning in our state, and Nancy Pelosi is onto another non-issue investigation and temper tantrum. Nancy, your state is on fire, loser.

  24. Democratsin took the bait to president trump trap. . .🤣😂

  25. Get rid of that crazy nasty Nancy

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