Thursday , January 20 2022
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Rep. Waltz calls out Biden as 'bold-faced' liar

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., says President Biden is lying when he says his spending plan will cost nothing. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Why is Congress not helping the american people.

  2. FJB is a Loser-In-Chief and Commander In Crisis. Definitely the Worst President in the U.S. History!

  3. Biden adm. Is a clear and present danger.
    We have a American duty to throw off such a tryanical rouge government. 🇺🇸

  4. 1:45 Congressman Waltz called it the "build back stupid" plan, which is the least most of us can say out this incomprehensible spending that has gone way out of control. Instead of having the IRS auditing decent Americans I wish we can get the IRS audit Biden!

  5. He is destroying the United States of America. He is destroying the economy and society and the whole nation. He is bringing communism and communist ideologies to schools, universities and he is infiltrating the whole nation, politics and society with socialism and communism. He is also pushing vaccine mandates nationwide.

  6. Only a Democrat would suggest trillions of bucks cost zero. That takes a world class liar. And it's not nonsense, it's not mistaken. It's war.

  7. Yes they’re going to build back Stone Age

  8. He is more of an idiot than a liar,and he is a colossal liar.

  9. An eight hour speech by McCartjy that resulted in NOTHING. How come McCarthy didn’t give his caucus an eight hour speech to keep them from voting for the “BS INFRASTRUCTURE BILL”. Too little Too late Kevin.🤮😝😵‍💫😬🤨😉😡

  10. Joe Biden is a lying coward, not a 'bold' bone is his withered body.

  11. Tariffs are totally useless. They're a tax upon your own people for the sins of others. You gotta deregulate and you gotta de-tax and set your people free.

  12. INFLATION IS IN REALITY the inflating of the money supply and is used to finance govt deficit spending. This has been perpetrated by both Democrats and Republicans. INFLATION is going to increase the misery factor for most people. INFLATION has many complex effects which includes the mis-allocation of scarce resources, inappropriate speculation, the inflating of asset bubbles, artificial wealth gaps, and ultimately increased scarcity and thus the increased cost of existence. INFLATION IS A TAX TO FINANCE GOVT SPENDING inflicted by centralized banks who create money to finance it.

    CENTRALIZED BANKING IS CENTRALIZED PLANNING (this is not capitalism). GOVT HAS NO MONEY. All it has is the power to take money from others using threats of violence (coercive taxation) and by embezzlement (central bank money printing) impoverishing everybody in the process. Equivalent to arsonists posing as fire-fighters. BIG_GOVT_VIRUS with its threats of violence (unethical regulation), social insecurity, gain of function “reessurch”, cruel and moronic one size fits all lockdowns, socialized “medissin”, “modelz” and consensus “siyenzz” and inflatable fiat currency paralyses the human mind rendering us all vulnerable to the natural hazards of existence on Earth. BIG_GOVT_VIRUS, the true pandemic.

  13. If Americas worst enemy was in control of the white house these would be the policies they would pursue.

  14. Joe Biden – my bill costs zero. Just ignore the 367,000,000,000 in front of it. 'C'mon man.

  15. McCarthy's 8.5 hour speech wasn't just him reading Dr Seuss books. There was more than enough material for him to go over. And he didn't manage to even get to it all.
    And not one answer from the Democrats.
    He asked some really good questions.

  16. The dems love to lie. But a particularly glaring one is their claim that measures that cost trillions of dollars are "free." dems target their propaganda at people who can somehow believe that something that costs trillions of dollars is FREE.

  17. Maria Bartiromo actually called up Bill Barr after Trump lost the election spectacularly and tried to get him to pretend there was election fraud, is that appropriate for a news host? She didn't need to call Kirk Hartle though, because he committed election fraud all on his own, pretending his wife was still alive and voting for her. Apparently there really is election fraud, it's just all by Republicans.

  18. Thank God Kevin is standing up for America

  19. I always put it down when I see…made in China.

  20. This is a Bad Administration that needs to be held Accountable for they’re actions of bad Policies and they need to be impeached seriously as much as they wanted to impeach Trump get this fool out of Office and the rest of them!✨🙏☝️👌😒

  21. Biden is a bigger liar than Pinocchio !

  22. I despise this horrible administration and that wicked witch in the House that rams these evil policies and legislation through to punish innocent Americans who only want to be free.

  23. STOP EXPECTING the current POTUS to make any sense on any topic. HE"S A frail, failing old man and belongs in assisted life facility. Heels-up needs to be impeached for dereliction of duty and sent back to the hell-hole called California.

  24. Even if the truth was easier Biden would not speak it. He is a pathological liar and is not comfortable with the truth about anything.

  25. We can't afford anymore taxes!!! Our country is in big trouble. Job lost, businesses closing is unbelievable. Our shelves are empty!!! People that actually need vehicles can't afford them. The prices are up big time for used & new cars. There's no parts available!!!. How does this nut expect us to survive??? I'm sick of Biden & his administration. In less than a year he has lied on everything!!! What has Biden accomplish? Absolutely, NOTHING!!!

  26. Biden has been a lier his entire life. HE CANT STOP UNLESS HE GOS FOR TREATMENT. He's a very sick man.And he's president. What a joke.

  27. A bill that doesn’t cost anything is not a bill- it’s a credit, so show the numbers Lying Biden 🤥🤡

  28. The other day my neighbor told me to stop critizing Sleey Joe. He said if I'd start watching CNN I'd be more informed about the real facts. I normally don't swear but it was to late after I called him a F ING idiot.

  29. Its a big fat lie. Costs nothing? It's obvious it's not true. We better not let them play their fraudulence on us. We should be wise by now we've seen enough to learn.

  30. JOE?? A liar?? You got to be kidding?? Lmao!! Only every time he opens his mouth.

  31. The radical democrat argument for ridding ourselves of fossil fuel energy and closing pipelines doesn't hold water. For one thing, how does turning over our energy independence to Russia and OPEC result in curbing carbon emissions? Russia and OPEC will merely raise production to meet the demands worldwide. Elon Musk gave a supposedly powerful argument regarding the sharp increase in carbon emissions into the environment and if we don't take immediate action it'll bring about a doomsday scenario. Most telling to me is that he never once mentioned that other countries are responsible for the increase and offered no suggestions on how the world needs to get on board if there is to be improvement and turn the trend downwards. Scientists provide numbers and the public is to believe them as being the gospel truth when, in fact, these are nothing more than guesses, educated as they may be, nothing more than estimates. There's no possible way any scientific mind can make worldwide assumptions of how much carbon emissions exist, or are being injected into our environment when many nations don't even keep records of their emissions numbers.

  32. Our poor children ; we screwed our next generation and left them homeless ! Merry Christmas 🎄 America !

  33. In Norway we pay between 26 to 40 % tax on income ( more on high income) and 23% VAT ….. this is a socialistic country! The state takes care of the children from 9 months old in kindergarten s, but they are far from free…..

  34. BIDEN WORST PRESIDENT IN 5 DECADES………………………………………… PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCLAIMED !!!!!

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