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Report: Joe Biden Flubs War Story While On Campaign Trail | NBC Nightly News

According to the Washington Post, Democratic candidate Joe Biden got “almost every detail” of a moving war story he’s told multiple times “incorrect” when telling it on the campaign trail last Friday, conflating elements from multiple actual events.
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Report: Joe Biden Flubs War Story While On Campaign Trail | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Suffering from hair sniffing and groping 12 year old girl withdrawals.

  2. Biden’s campaign is a cruel joke on moderate Democrats. He will be ready for the Alzheimer’s home by the time of the Democrat convention.

  3. Good job working the President into that story…that was quite a stretch…

  4. Swamp Creature Creepy Joe 🤡

  5. I am surprised he didn't say that Brian Williams was with him!

  6. Please, that's the best you can do. When you catch him in an outright lie, then let me know. Until then, keep it to yourself. I have no interest in the 'details', or conflation……. When Joe claims his wife has met Kim Jung Un, you let me know…… Lol!

  7. After all the Trump bashing this is thebestthe Dems have?

  8. I almost feel sorry for the democrats and their candidates right now. 2020 will be epic.

  9. Vote Biden 2020. He may not be around in 2024.

  10. "For many years, he described the driver of the truck that struck and killed his first wife and their daughter in December 1972 as drunk, which he apparently was not. The tale could hardly be more tragic; why add in a baseless charge? The family of the truck driver has labored to correct the record, but Biden made the reference to drunkenness as recently as 2007, needlessly resurrecting a false and painful accusation."


  11. Joe Biden was a Gaff Dodger.

  12. the only reason the first lady knows Kim so well is cause T-rump won't shut up about him. and Biden. if you're going to slam a liar for lying you better be above reproach. you lost my vote.

  13. in this speech joe biden calls a muslim country godless where is the out rage ?

  14. Trump is going to insult him just like he did JEB BUSH, watch!!!

  15. OMG and this is the socialist frontrunner!? KAAAAAGGGGAAAAAAA 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032!!!!!!!

  16. What I'm waiting to see is how NBC is going to spin Biden's dementia into an attack on Trump….. stay tuned!

  17. Take a close look at that crowd.  Losers, everyone wearing glasses, women with grey hair even though they are only 35 years old and believe this fool's stories….hahaha…..compare that to the Trump rally….20,000 or more all smiling and laughing….compared to Joe's 40 losers sitting there,  Hope Joe is the pick for the left!

  18. Joe Biden IS Tiberius
    Tiberius Was History's Most Perverted Ruler
    He was the dirtiest old man to have ever ruled Rome, and just might be history's most perverted ruler, ever. Caligula, Nero, and Elagabalus, became emperors as teenagers or immature young men, then went crazy with the sudden power.

  19. IF Biden gets that far, it will be a easy win for Trump 2020. Biden reminds me of my drunk uncle that nobody wants around because he's so full of sh!t all the time and never tells the same story twice the same way.

  20. Look, I get that people misspeak , my problem is the hypocrisy. When Trump says something incorrectly, he is lambasted to the ends of time by the left wing media, he's insane, he's evil, he's stupid, etc., etc., etc. Just would like to see some consistency (instead of opinion) in journalism.

  21. My word as a Biden. 🙄 Get this f-ing narcissist out.

  22. TRUMP/PENCE 2020 P.S. Thanks for the second term Biden.

  23. NBC is forever trash, even though finally they're covering the failure of the candidate of a party they take their marching orders from.

  24. Biden, just retire and enjoy your life.✌️😀

  25. Bernie Sanders 2020 that’s all I have to say

  26. Sorry Joe it's time for your wife to call A PLACE FOR MOM..

  27. Joe Biden invented stories about how he marched for civil rights, when he never did. His staff told him he never did and the story wasn’t true, and Joe Biden acknowledged it. THEN HE KEPT TELLING THE STORY. It’s not a f-ing gaffe.

  28. NBC is a bias network too extreme this network is dead to me I will not watch any program from this network.

  29. Sanders is Biden in 2 years.

  30. I am surprised any news outlet made this a big deal. They usually prop them up knowing all political people lie but he swore on biden name

  31. Is he having a stroke btw he dident pin a tail on a donkey let along one of our brave soliders he is a liar and as he said my word as a Biden Lmfao he is so crazy not fit to be president. Joe go home to your multi million dollar home in the Hampton and just continue to mentally detrerate into the bliss of alzimers

  32. Only 25-30 people are there? more people can fit in a coffee shop.

  33. He needs to give all the money back that he stole from the donors.

  34. Dislike # 7  They ALL lie !!!

  35. So Biden is a lier and you make the story an attack on Trump. You really are the enemy if the people.

  36. Biden is one Senile Mother !

  37. Witn any luck, if Joe Biden is the presidential candidate to TRY and take REAL DONALD TRUMP down, let's hope he has one of his many relapses and thinks he is back at ARCHMERE ACADEMY playing football and gets hit by an opposing player and than rushes President Donald Trump because he has that fading thought in his mind where he told the SOCIAL MEDIA, he was going to fight REAL DONALD TRUMP in the school yard. A few things to point out here; How will the Secret Service react?, will they get to the stage before REAL DONALD TRUMP grabs young hair sniffing Joe by his scrawny neck and throw him right off the @#$%^ ing stage?

  38. Let's just be done with both of these inept old white geezers.

  39. Really showing his age. Let’s elect crazy grandpa.

  40. "It's the God's truth, my word as a Biden". It makes one wonder how much the word of this particular Biden is worth. The fact is he doesn't know the truth or he is fabricating an eventful life for himself to tell the liberal who couldn't care less about the military or it's heroics.

  41. Biden " forgot " to attribute a quote to 🇬🇧 Labour leader Neil Kinnock in 1988 derailing his candidacy that year.

  42. Definition of dementia : Being able to recall details of an event from years ago with perfect clarity and emotion…….that never happened.

  43. Definition of dementia : Being able to recall details of an event from years ago with perfect clarity and emotion…….that never happened.

  44. Biden is lame, a real cripple.
    Bernie Warren

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