Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Report: US, China reach a partial trade deal

A tentative trade deal has been reportedly reached between U.S. and China.

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  1. Hey! , derjoh1986 it's on CNBC, ABC news, CBS news, BBC news, CBC news…and CNN and MSNBC (under business section) every site I looked at…did u look before spouting? Naw, more fun to just vent.

  2. BS! Never trust these commies.

  3. Wait, crop loses ! If we sell to China we'll be importing from other country's if they have it.

  4. President Trump is the best of all the US President so far, he is so smart and genius, not like lame duck obama and clinton!

  5. US depend on China for better days

  6. God bless the land of the free

  7. 🔴👀🔴 Someone tell the morons at Google their stocks went up thanks to Donald Trump!!!

  8. "A lousy deal is better than no deal."

    After what I've learned about Chinese investment in US companies being used to censor Americans, I think no deal is better than any deal.

  9. a lousy deal is better than no deal! It is not as good as Democrats deals for sure! 😂😂😂😂😂 Interesting when are good news for Trump – We don’t have details, but if it was a democratic fake news scandal, they would have even the DNA of the people involved! Sad! 🙁

  10. Good deal for the economy! Thank you, President Donald Trump!🇺🇸😊❤👍

  11. So basically threw hk under bus.

  12. Shift Smith gone from Fox! Neil need to go too! Soro been buying Fox's host that hurt Trump!

  13. There is no trust with China strictly strict business. No Trust None!

  14. Funny how Americans are so happy even though a deal has not been signed and precise details about the deal is not listed down yet. LMAOO

  15. o_0 I really worry that President Trump may have folded his hand in regards to deal making with China, due to the never ending "soft political coupe" of the democrats. If so, all was for not!~: (

  16. Trump does deal with Winnie the Poo

  17. Trump said "I will ONLY agree to a complete trade deal, or else, tariffs will be added to all China trade imports". Trump also said "someone has to do that, and I am the chosen one…". Meanwhile…Are we missing something?

  18. Cavuto doesn't look happy; looks and sounds like crap

  19. Anything about China's theft of intellectual property? That's really the important change needed; to end China's theft

  20. So a increase of agricultural products purchase is the full deal.

  21. What can you say but…..TRUMP 2020. Love my president!!!! At last a President with a set and they belong to him.

  22. Trump ‘s trick to stabilize stock market.

  23. No 1 should trade with China, stop their monopoly

  24. Well maybe the NBA should play games in Hong Kong

  25. The fact is Trump find a way to gracefully surrender to China and declares victory in trade war to grasp a small chance to get re-elected.

  26. been no INVASION by Turkey just same fighting always going on.. fux&cnn lieing last 3yrs about russia..dont support fox..OAN &alex jones was 2yrs ahead of fox&cnn

  27. Lol…. Sounds ridiculous but COOPERATION and UNDERSTANDING between two large country is a MUST. CHINA and US must cooperate each other…. that's all…

  28. What a snow job ! He said included everything !! concessions was made on currency Minipulator , on intellectual property, access to financial markets seems like he did it! "But still have to get "SOMETHING ON PAPER " ?? He thinks we are stupid, but not as stupid as the Dow. So was this statement for the market or the People.

  29. I hope y'all know the Chinese have more money that us. They didn't devalue their economy for no reason

  30. I hope they reach a deal but I'm going to avoid as much as possible, products made in China.

  31. China already getting what they want, they have shifted buying American goods for low import through European and Asian countries… This ball game needs to end, we beat China by competing not by tariffs.. no details as of now, market is over reacting

  32. A trade deal means nothing if congress refuses to vote on it, and I have a feeling that Pelosi does not bring this to a vote. Giving Trump a win is not in the cards for Democrats. What shocks me is that farmers and small business owners are not marching in the streets demanding the USMCA gets voted on by congress. I am sure the Democrats can come up with an excuse to not vote on this deal, just like they did the USMCA. Without even reading the USMCA they said it would hurt America, and refused to vote on it.

  33. Whew! I almost pulled my money from the market! Thank you President Trump!

  34. Don't come if you do not comply with our rule, get it.

  35. " A lousy deal is better than no deal" …..Cavuto is dumber than a box of rocks!

  36. ATTENTION: People in the land of the
    living…the democratic party & fake news ie: MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CNBC, NBC,
    CBC, Huffpost, The Hill, Time, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New
    York, The Washington Post, Global News, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone,
    Wired, The Hollywood Reporter, Axios, Atlantic, Elite Daily, Business Insider,
    Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, National Post, Esquire, Bloomberg-bility
    Week, Daily Mail, ABC News (to name a few)…are LESS THAN NOTHING

  37. 中国根本不应该让步,刘鹤卖国

  38. Traitor Liu he should be fired.

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