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Republicans 'can't defend the president's behaviors': Dem Intel. Committee member

Reps. Jim Himes and Lee Zeldin join Jonathan Karl on “This Week” to discuss the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.


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  1. Zeldin is a joke and is a partisan hack – vote him out

  2. So, it is only bad if democrats trade on their family name? What about Ivanka, Jared, DTJ, etc? Or is it only bad if democrats make money? Not one word about what Hunter Biden did wrong? Other than he was paid a lot for a job for which he may not have been qualified. Okay, that describes most of congress.

  3. OH-MY .. This guy is a prime example of HOW & WHY this country is in CHAOS. Repeating trump's CRAZINESS, & with misplaced emotion.

  4. Why can't rethugs just answer the question yes or no without raising the specter of trump?!!! Are they too scared or just unable to think/speak for themselves?!!!!

  5. US Troops will die because of tRump, will they still make excuses for him then?

  6. Who cares about taking a vote to do an inquiry. It’s not necessary. TRump will find another thing to whine about. Poor him. Victim. He’s exhausting.

  7. Zeldin do you think Trump lie's? Can you actually answer a question instead of coming out with other statements that are nothing to do with the question?

  8. Mr Zeldin, how do you feel about Giuliani and what he has been doing ie $500,000 he received yet he says he was working for the President so will that $500,000 end up in Trump's bank?

  9. Trump and his lawyers will have that right in the Senate.

  10. I see all the made commie America’s loving this . Sad that’s use are part of the corruption that is destroying your country . I hope one of these socialist fuck wins and America ends up like Venezuela then maybe you start acting on cleaning up your own party

  11. "A lot of republicans are having a problem answering this question……including this one."

  12. The Democrats don't have the right to decide what gets released, and who gets deposed, only the Republicans do. Look what a great job we have done so far with information control, and our friends at Fox News.

  13. Yes that's why Trump wanted Ukraine to do a public announcement about the investigation hello hello people wake up

  14. Does this knob Zeldin know Karl is asking about Trump because he seems to be thinking the conversation is about Biden?

  15. God bless you Mr. President. Great 3Q GDP report coming in a few weeks. Wonderful October Situations Report coming first week of November. Congratulations on the record breaking November Situations Report to be released first week of December. We are looking at sub 3% unemployment in the New Year!

  16. You see how easy it was for one Congressman to simply answer questions posed to him, and how seemingly difficult it is for the other?????? PROBLEMATIC!!!!

  17. Wow…can't tell who's "side" this news reporter is on….

  18. Congressman Zeldin is okay with classified information mentioned in a deposition being disclosed to the public "in real time" and doesn't seem to realize that cross-examinations happen during a trial, which is what would happen in the Senate, not during an inquiry, which is what the House is doing. He knows that McConnell wouldn't let the trial run a full week but he also knows the optics associated with a Republican Senate dismissing a Republican President's case out of hand.

  19. Republicans in this administration are spineless.

  20. This week's host doesn't know anything. First, facts need to find out then do the former vote. The vote can only be conducted once every voter in the congress has facts to analyze and then they can vote accordingly.

  21. How do he look at himself in the mirror…and say to his kids tell the truth at all time ..BECAUSE your words mean a lot in life..they probably LAUGH him ..and say just like you dad


  23. The Democrats are subverting our Democracy with their phony impeachment inquiry. Pelosi and the Democrats ran on solving problems in the mid-term elections and have failed to uphold that promise. The economy is growing and now is the time to start addressing our massive deficit and debt, something the fake news media never talks about.

  24. This Republican guy is avoiding the question.

  25. Oh please . Biden is pissed that he's getting called out. Its to Bad the President is saving all us including all the ignorant people that have no clue whats really going on

  26. Shifty Schiff now seems to think they don’t need the Whistleblower, who started the whole Scam. The reason is that the Whistleblower has lost all credibility because the story is so far from the facts on the Transcript. Also, the second Whistleblower is no longer even mentioned!

  27. such lies ABC and you bunch that believe them sad

  28. You can always tell when a republican is lying….whenever their mouths are moving!!! I can’t listen to this BS

  29. But DEMS laugh fiendishly about Pelosi going off the rails with her uncostitutional impeachment actions! Where's trumps right to face his accuser? They're hiding their so called whistleblower! You bet we can defend TRUMP! There is no evidence against him except that he's too close to the evidence against the Bidens & Pelosi's son's involvement in the same scam on Ukraine! Oh, & OTHER countries! Wait for it…….! WHY SHOULD you let them off the hook? Are they paying YOU off? Stick to what's LEGAL all the way around!

  30. Why did you aloud this guy to talk that way

  31. ABC News can't make truthful news. Instead they fake gun range videos for Syria war videos. ABC is FAKE NEWS!

  32. It's not in the open because it's fake! If it was real, the first thing they would do is vote! It's a dog and pony show! Dumbacraps don't have anything to impeach on! They have harrassed this President from day one! Nothing has been found out of order! Democrats are just corrupt outlaws, their crimes are coming home and they know it!
    The House needs to vote or shit and get it over with !.

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