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Republicans demand answers from Facebook over Fauci emails

Sen. Marsha Blackburn joins ‘Fox Business Tonight’ that Mark Zuckerberg should be called to testify before Congress #FoxBusinessTonight #FOXBusiness

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  1. January 6 folks that all I’m going to say… can’t distract the woke 😂 she try

  2. This relationship between big tech, Fauci and the left needs to be investigated!

  3. Zuckerheard should be treated like Snowden by this country

  4. how come they are still in power ? i dont understand this. Maybe fox news has to bring them to court instead of talking about. follow the money

  5. It don't matter,none of this.
    Nothing will ever happen to anyone in this country to people in positions of power!
    You can investigate till you bleed from your eyes!

  6. Both the Government in the USA and Canada have been interfered with from within and domestically!! EVERYONE of them need to be charged with TREASON AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY… speaking in government that is lead by criminals gets us no where…we have seen this for years now!!!!!!!!!

  7. Everyone of them need to be charged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. When government officials believe Facebook answers to the USA, Just remember they Banned the United States President.

  9. Amen!!! Let it be investigated to the fullest!!! They need to be punished

  10. How about a class action suit for U tube over censorship > im looking into it 🙂 .

  11. Twitter Facebook mainstream media they all are complicit in the genocide of the Wuhan lab leak this was no leak

  12. They hid it from the world not just Americans

  13. A logical, intelligent, caring woman

  14. If Facebook, Twitter, etc. were to magically disappear overnight most of all the divisive B.S. running rampant on a global scale would disappear too. Social media is a massive spy ring and thought control tool of Marxists. It's not worth it! Jump off the crazy train that is Facebook and Twitter!

  15. A handful of Senators saying they are guilty is a hell of alot more important than a criminal and his media saying he is innocent .

  16. Charge Fauci & Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter with the plot to protect China and assisted China in the deaths of innocent people as China deliberately release Covid-19 throughout the world. All parties should be Sued and pay for there involvements in protecting China 🇨🇳 instead of protecting America 🇺🇸. These people are truly traitors to America.

  17. You know what happens to people that commit treason don't you

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