Thursday , August 11 2022

Researchers Are Working To Grow Fruits And Vegetables In Space

NASA scientists are looking into a way to grow plants in space to make long-term space travel sustainable. NBC News’ Joshua Johnson reports on how research partners at the University of Florida are growing plants in soil from the moon in an unprecedented experiment. 
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  1. 💖.. extremely awesome development

  2. Planning to migrate to space ?

  3. Wish you guys would put interesting news like this on the nightly news instead of celebrity BS

  4. Missions for exploration taking years? Oops? Or what? Are you incapable of asking questions? Whatever. Asking news to be informative is like asking if they know there is a sun.

  5. Do we think marijuana will grow on in space?

  6. I think I planted a garden in my septic system after all the seeds I ate.

  7. So, CO2 is good for plants .So why are they so bent on getting rid of it then ????? Killing Cows just because they fart…SMH….. Where's the logic in that

  8. They will be full of radiation.

  9. The Researchers should be working on or asking why are astronaut's seen dropping things in space on the space station

  10. Now I wonder why THAT is…..

  11. Can plants be used the scrub the air instead of machines?

  12. If only the only the globalist sellouts in American leadership would stop sabotaging domestic agriculture.

  13. I am Aryan from Germany.

  14. trying to find a way to live in space

  15. but can they grow marijuana

  16. They better work on that real fast because the time we have left on Earth is very limited.

  17. What's with the earthy kalimba music ?

  18. I NEVER want to go into space/prison. Where you are totally DEPENDENT on unknown "crews".
    Soil from the moon, yea right, who's buying that BS?
    I'll stay on my earthly paradise until I die. THEN I'll return to being a starseed.

  19. Where's the all water the plants will need coming from?

  20. No telling what else they are doing up there that they aren’t telling the public.

  21. How about we fix agriculture on earth first?


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  23. Another day another deception.

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  25. Nothing like waiting to get out there to no life

  26. We're having trouble growing food on Earth why are we spending millions of dollars to grow little amount of food in space

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  29. Let's spend trillion dollars in space. Who are the aliens 👽

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  32. Why not build green houses on the moon? Towering sky scrapper green houses.

  33. this is not news, matt did this years ago.

  34. WOW WOW 👌 👏 😍

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