Researchers debate why orcas are attacking and sinking boats

Scientists and researchers are looking at a string of incidents reported after orcas appeared to attack and sink sailing vessels. Biologist and wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin theorized these attacks are due to “rambunctious” or “playful behavior” or the animal could be coping after “a traumatic event.”

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  1. Orcas are smart.
    Not like republican voters who refuse to be #WOKE

    All it takes is to show how humans are causing the oil spills underwater watching humans continue to destroy the delicate eco structure

    Republican voters need to wake up.
    Stop being jerks.

  2. If I remember correctly, japan kills whales…

  3. Orcas are getting annoyed at the human activity of encroaching on their living space and fishing

  4. My theory is Shamu’s out for revenge

  5. They're sick of us. Who can blame them?

  6. Humans are destroying this planet. We are literally planet killers.

  7. Are they territorial… If so, what about overfishing by us?

  8. Don't worry they target the boat not human I live in the southern coast of Portugal I've been on the water with them

  9. Radio technology ticking them off.

  10. Maybe cause humans are fishing the ocean . Then replacing what they take with garbage . Hmmm wonder why

  11. Anyone else find themselves rooting for the whales? As a mermaid, who spends a lot of time swimming in the ocean, I HATE boats. They dump gasoline, they're loud (especially under the water), they're dangerous, and they make me sick to ride on them. Duck boats and the people who own and ride them.

  12. This is fantastic. Humans, get away….

  13. So Climate change can be blamed but Biden sabotaging an underwater pipeline is ok. Or how many tons of chemtrail material falling in ocean.

  14. They tired of the abuse so now they gang up and took the fight to the invaders

  15. Amazing creatures, it would be interesting to see footage of an incident to observe an actual attack.

  16. U got the shores and sea looking like freeway traffic…….. 👏each ship that sinks as the captain jumps out 9 hrs before it goes down 😂

  17. We have always been very lucky that orcas don’t usually attack humans..

  18. Because we’re an awful species and we obliterate everything we touch and they want us out of their world

  19. Orcas like other sea creatures communicate thru sound and sound pollution is a big problem due to these boats it’s definitely a protest plus humans are horrible they probably did something and don’t wanna say and now the orcas are retaliating

  20. Ask the government, they own the correct science!

  21. Tf is wrong with people?
    What to they think?
    There wild animals

  22. of course they tired of trash humans

  23. Coordinated attacks? more like orcastrated.

  24. Cut to the chase… Do you think after all that drama blathering you could distil the reasons down to human infringement like you said, such as injury maybe from boat propellers? … Or locals hunting them that you just couldn't figure out? or dumping trash and poisons in the waters that makes them sick?… Rather than all the soap opera family mystery?… You know… Reasons that the comments and readers are smart enough to figure out that we can tell YOU why this is going on… we'll send YOU our YouTube and you can watch our video… class

  25. First the bees now the orcas. I’m completely accepting of the idea that animals are rising up against humanity. We kinda had it coming

  26. More compassion for whales then people in the hood

  27. I would hope that they take back the whole of the oceans. If I didn't know it would mean their extinction for our greed.

  28. It ain't that deep. They don't want you in the water.

  29. Scratching whale watching off of my bucket list! 😬

  30. Sounds like they've had enough.