Thursday , January 28 2021
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Restaurant owner who slammed LA shutdown in viral post speaks out

Angela Marsden, owner of the Pineapple Hill Grill & Saloon in Los Angeles speaks to Fox Business’ Cavuto in an emotional interview. The Saloon owner went viral after posting her empty outdoor set up that was next to an NBC production tent that fed the show’s crew.

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  1. I guess Cavuto was told to pretend to care by fox producers . Seeing they're Losing ratings and all…

  2. Once again stop voting democrat they have a agenda

  3. Newsome has a face to make one sick weasel, only begins to describe him globalist elite?

  4. …. Gavin Newsome getting RECALLED for Governor…..

  5. I wonder what she will spend all that money on .💰 🤑 💸

  6. The whole point of shutting people down, is to make them so desperate that they will be willing to do whatever they tell them to do in order to get back to making money. They want people desperate enough to take those vaccines.


  8. Fox along with the others, is worthless propaganda

  9. These people are a bunch of hustlers. They get PPP, loans that don't have to be paid back. Loans at 1% interest and $200K on go fund me, plus people making private donations. She's not doing too badly. Now she's trying to be an actress, it never ends.

  10. Deep state has big plans that we the people need to stand up to the corruption taking place. Peoples Rights, Freedoms, liberties are all at risk of being compromised. We the people are in control and when they take away from our way to survive !!! That is when the red line is drawn!!!

  11. So much for government……these partying fools should have had enough sense to shut it down out of respect for EVERYONE.

  12. People are too polite, and the politicians know this.

  13. These small business need to stand up and fight back against the government.

  14. Say it like it is:
    This is ECONOMIC TERRORISM by a worldwide street gang of biocidal maniacs.
    "WE" don't 'elect' anyone. These are servants of the Street Gang. They were PUT in place. They serve the Hive.
    To quote my Memetic Adviser: This is a HOT WAR!
    Is this how war is waged? Sheep stand still while they are slaughtered?

  15. Small business carries this country esp. Ca on their back! Newsome is a THIEF! Their is an agenda here, and its has nothing to do with civid. SAD!!

  16. I'm really angry at all our so called "leaders" who have stabbed us all in the back. They will pay in this life or the next mark my words!

  17. This idiot Cavuto is more interested in the Fox News narrative than listening to this woman. It's no wonder why people hate the media!

  18. Shut up, Cavuto! That has 0 to do with what she is talking about!

  19. Newsom is NO different than Aunt Nancy….wake up, people. GET RID OF THESE DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!

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