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Restaurant Owners Describe Labor Shortage Struggles

Chris Fuselier, the owner of Denver’s Blake Street Tavern, and Teresa Nguyen, co-owner of Seattle’s Ba Bar, join NBC News NOW to describe their efforts to hire workers for their restaurants.

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  1. Offer enough pay and there is no shortage. Jobs that don't pay enough don't deserve to be done.

  2. We told you when you let ppl get lazy and stop working you'd end up in this situation. Here we go…

  3. So, when the pandemic hit all of a sudden all of those restaurant workers lost their income, so now the owners can’t figure out why people would rather work other jobs that are more stable? Go figure. Here’s your solution: pay a living wage (not minimum wage) and guarantee that when there is a pandemic they don’t lose their ability to support their families. 🤔 in Colorado the unemployment rate isn’t much higher than prior to pandemic. Perhaps you need to change your business model. Maybe raise your wages??? What a concept. You get what you pay for.

  4. Raise the wage higher then unemployment. Then you'll have workers

  5. Pay more and give benefits ,vacation time. You will get workers. $11.75 is a joke. People on unemployment are not service workers, they ain't coming to help you.

  6. What about those workers at the border?

  7. Just pay more you will see lines for jobs

  8. This guest is a real piece of work… get some compassion Jesus

  9. Retirement benefits in FANTASYLAND….

  10. "they got offered a dollar more per hour at a different company so we had to let them go"
    BOO HOOO you have to pay a living wage all of a sudden?
    11.25 is not a good wage

  11. So $2.13 plus ten cents ??

  12. Listen to these people and their entitlement. You do not own people and if you step your game up people will show up to work. Also, no one MUST do anything for you people will come work for you if they choose do.

  13. Maybe they shouldn't have fired over half there staff. Treating workes as disposable items costs yall

  14. That's what they get… 🤗

  15. Exploitation is so hard these days.

  16. Stop blaming unemployment and take responsibility for low balling employees with wages you wouldn't even work for!!

  17. Honestly, restaurants have better food when they are smaller in operation and the owner is running it . When they get big and open up for large amount left of ppl to be seated , the quality is lowered and the food is bland .

  18. try start paying a dam living wage and they’ll come running !

  19. We start trainees out at 15 $ an hour . WE pay you to learn a trade and we still cannot get people to work.

  20. Well.. for one, customer service sucks. We need to loose that mentality “the customer is always right” and be equals. Secondly it’s obvious no one can survive with minimum wage.

  21. What happened to all those illegal immigrant kitchen workers? Oh, Trump.

  22. Like the Black Death in the 14th Century, the pandemic killed off or disabled many essential workers, creating a worker shortage. So as happened after the Black Death, you'll have to offer workers greater rewards to work for you.

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