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REVOLVE HAUL & TRY ON // Summer 2018 // Fashion Mumblr

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REVOLVE are in London this week and YAY they now ship to the UK with free returns, so of COURSE I had to do a big Revolve haul & try on!

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What I’m wearing:
Linen Top – http://bit.ly/2JatgCV
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2J3sHLd
Fake Tan – http://bit.ly/2JaDDqr

Coral lace dress: http://bit.ly/2L915Bz
Stripe dress: http://bit.ly/2L304en
Lace top: http://bit.ly/2Jg9Xb9
Lace shorts: http://bit.ly/2JhqnA0
Floral dress: http://bit.ly/2L9grGq
Ruffle maxi: http://bit.ly/2JiVKKH
Blue jeans: http://bit.ly/2JgkZ01
Split trousers: http://bit.ly/2L6yCME
Wrap top: http://bit.ly/2JiTQJW
Ruffle mini dress: http://bit.ly/2L6HG4h
White jeans: http://bit.ly/2JaMsk3

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  1. Beautiful try on. How about a Revolve bikini try on?

  2. Hi lovely where do you find all these lovely labels from my taste is so very similar to yours can you still get the lovely pink lpa floaty dress please x💕

  3. OMG, I looooove Michael Costello, thanks for bringing to the attention that he's made a collab with Revolve…. looks stunning. Not all 100% wearable for every day life 😉 but mega glam!

  4. Why do you keep saying it will look good if you have a tan?? Pale skin is beautiful too.

  5. I think your style is just way too girly for most of us lol i wouldn't be caught dead in all these pink ruffles

  6. Do you think you could add giving us the material composition of each piece …thanks 🤗

  7. I’m just curious: does Revolve gift you these clothing pieces or do you pay for the items? 🙂

  8. Fab, just a small ask similar to your other hauls if you don’t mind mentioning the prices. Lovely pieces you’ve chosen.

  9. Have you looked at Ann Taylor? it may be too buttoned up, but they have lovely classic pieces.

  10. Great video Josie. LOVE Lovers + Friends. The fit of almost all of their pieces is lovely and flattering. I would say that most of it runs true to size although I have had to size down in some of the flowy, less fitted tops. I'm not sure if this brand ships internationally but you should also check out Show Me Your Mumu. If they don't ship internationally, you'll have to check them out the next time you're in the US. <3

  11. I love all the dresses. They are just the cutest.

  12. Wouw super fantastic lov lov lov😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌💖💕👄❤💚💙💗💝💞

  13. Josie you're beautiful and the tan looks great on you. Also the coral color is beautiful

  14. Lovely video Josie ✨ revolve is one of my favourite brands I’m so happy they now ship to the uk 💞 do you know if we incur customs charges from the shipping? Xx

  15. love u and this haul!! gorgeous picks!

  16. 🌼You look stunning in this fabulous haul! You look simply perfect. Love your bronzed look for summer too.☀🌴

  17. What about excise duty, Josie. Do you get charged that as it's coming from the USA?

  18. I know you are into pink! It would be so amazing if you even just took a peek at my online clothing store. https://www.madisongrae.com/

  19. I’m in Canada and love Aritzia ❤️

  20. I think i can hear the camera focusing

  21. Think some of it looked a bit cheap on you. Your style is so sophisticated that classic simple outfits work better. The linen high-waisted trousers and plain maxi dress looked fab though

  22. Very nice haul enjoyed watching

  23. Now we’re talking!!! I love, love, love the variety 😁. There’s more colors, and different style inspirations. Perfect options on a lovely lady, with a perfect figure . Thank you.😁Very well done 👍🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  24. Those pink simple trousers were definitely my favorite!! 😍 but those dresses were pretty too! OMG I love it!!!!! 🌸🌸🌸

  25. hi i was just wondering whether you film on a camera or a phone ? love your videos! xxx

  26. Don’t know if you can get this in the UK but I thought of you when I saw this dress! https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/amsonia-lace-dress?category=new-dresses&color=045

  27. I like the color of this spray tan on you, it looks quite natural and brown toned instead of orange the way some tans sometimes can. 🙂 your right about the coral lace dress, the color is gorgeous with a tan and lightweight jewelry!

  28. My style is very similar to yours, and I love the store Morning Lavender, I would recomend it, if you havent heard of it!!

  29. Lovely! You should do a Nordstrom haul at some point!

  30. Love just about all of these! The prints are just perfect

  31. Absolutely love the denim in this haul. For future, I love the dresses and blouses at realisation par and reformation but I'm anxious about shipping costs and duties when sizing could be an issue. Have you got any advice for that or could this be an idea for a video? xx

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