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Rhino gives chase to tourists on safari l ABC News

Rian Boshoff said he thought the rhino was “going to eat us” when it charged their safari vehicle for nearly two minutes in South Africa.

A South African safari turned into a terrifying high speed chase through the brush with one of the area’s largest animals.

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  1. That Rhino can flip that jeep easily

  2. That much weight moving at 30 miles an hour. Bout to $&@! up your whole day.

  3. Who the fuck needs horse power with this rhino power out here

  4. It was actually Ace Ventura asking for help to get out of the Rhino

  5. Tourists: Awww they're so cute.

    Rhino: Yea, whatever foh. Foot chase

  6. Let this be a warning to all of you leave the wildlife alone

  7. I would of used a Shock Wave

  8. In my Rhino voice… Huh, huh, huh…You killed my brothers and sisters all for their horns. Next time I'll catch you, invaders …

  9. Leave the rhinos alone fuckk all ways got bother wild life

  10. 🦏 : You Humans are going to : FEEL ME! 😜

  11. I saw this same rhino…in wakanda….

  12. Good! They’re FINALLY fighting back! 🤩🤩🤩

  13. Imagine having to run away from the rhino without a vehicle. Oh my.

  14. They have poor eye sight. That was probably a male that will protect is territory. When those animals run the ground shakes, it's amazing!

  15. Spirits are possessing the animals to attack anything that looks like foreigners. Natural instincts are finally kicking in

  16. Hes a paid actor,gives the tourists an adrenaline rush so they tell their friends

  17. I wouldn’t enter their territory without a fuckin shotgun

  18. @0:04 SafarLY? 0:55 You thought Rhino gonna eat you?

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