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Rhino horns, Haitians at US border and Ganesh Chaturthi: World in Photos, Sept. 22

A look at the top photos from around the globe.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Why would they burn the rhino horns? The rhinos died for what?

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  6. AOC tells the working poor pays more taxes than the rich which is a lie. 20% of Americans pay all the taxes while the rest relative to their needs pay no taxes.

  7. Poverty is a mental disease You feed it and millions more will die.

  8. Biden’s America is becoming Crazy America

  9. POLITICS has Courrpted good society

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  12. Yeah let’s pollute the sea even more.

  13. The White Flags on the National Mall are 600,000 Flags to represent all who have died from Covid in the United States

  14. It makes me want to cry just watching the news


  16. millions of blmers gathered in mass during a pandemic. They ignored impassioned pleas from the CDC and WHO to social distance and shelter in place. When will we have justice for that.

  17. 🦁 ✊Dónde estás los de black life matter?
    Las oveja negra 🐐 vallan a la frontera ayudar todas las vidas importa Soy
    El águila azteca 🦅🌎 🦁 Haitians American

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