Thursday , December 3 2020
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Ric Grenell on why Ratcliffe released documents for Durham at this moment

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell talks to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs about John Ratcliffe saying he has provided nearly 1,000 pages of material to the Justice Department to support John Durham’s investigation. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Infirmation is classified to keep it hidden. Period!

  2. Goes to show how far Democrats will go to keep their power they're all crooked they should all be imprisoned

  3. Well it's because they let them get away with it.Time to push them against the wall until they talk.And arrest and lock them up and punish them.

  4. Too bad you're working for Fox Mr. Dobbs.

  5. Thieves always get defensive when their caught.

  6. Today Nov 12, I was wondering what ever happened to John Durham. After researching today the answer is "Nothing New", "No News" for over a month. Sounds like it's all B.S.

  7. Here's a news flash I just learned from the nearest media that all the agencies that Trump has appointed Republican people into running it we're told by him not to cooperate with the Joe Biden transition into the presidency and I think that is illegal and Trump should be arrested for that

  8. Best news today is pelosi lost her seat !


  10. The longer Washington drag their feet, the more people arm themselves ready for real conflict.

  11. They should call it democatic software it odviously was designed to swap votes from one side to the other they just anounced that it happen and got put back what if it happened 100s more times at night not seen

  12. And now they are trying to overthrow another elextion

  13. They were not scilenced they were part of it fake accusations

  14. Jail time for illegal reporting!

  15. Is Faux now trying to redeem themselves? I think NOT. HES RIGHT! We DONT NEED MEDIA ANYMORE! Owned by six elite families that want destruction of America for complete GLOBAL TAKEOVER

  16. Just give the people a list of those untouchables, I'm willing to bet patriots out their will handle it if nothing comes of it through the legal avenue…

  17. 🖕John Durham and Bill Barr they are a part of the deep state! And why!!!!!!!!!! The f**k isn't Hunter Biden in jail as we speak and any FBI agent that witnessed the laptop and sat on it for a year knowing hunters 14yr old niece plus multiple under age girls were involved with the sick pervert! Documentation of joe being involved barisma? WTF! TRUMP2020🇺🇸❤🦸‍♂️💯😉

  18. Thank you Lord Jesus convict of Holy Spirit to God be the glory sir Trump victory.

  19. They violated Trump's constitutional rights and they violated 71 million Americans constitutional rights. They actually censored the president that the people elected! That isn't democracy, that is communism!

  20. Barr and Durham are sitting on the info and rotating…..and they also said nothing would be done……WHY?

  21. It comes out now when folk are focused on voting fraud, eh? 🤔

    Have to slam ALL of these criminals, & soon, because they don't stop committing crimes (in general at least).

    Oh, many politicians from both parties are about to be embarrassed & fall (see prophesies of YHWH God's now late modern-day prophet, Kim Clement).

  22. You no if tha would put fack papers on trump what makes anny one thank tha won't fix the vote for a liberal democrats rats sleeping Joe Biden

  23. Google hammer and scorecard it's bad

  24. Trump had it right when he wanted to take Brennan's security clearance away! The POTUS should have stuck with his decision!

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