Richard Allen’s defense claims Indiana teens were murdered by pagan religious cult | ABCNL

Defense attorneys say a cult was responsible for the teens’ deaths and are claiming investigators withheld evidence to get a search warrant for Richard Allen.

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  1. Sure… murdered by LGBT pagan religious cult from space. Unfortunately murderers are usually christians

  2. Huh. Had my money on Elvis midgets 🙃

  3. No they were murdered by criminal scum the authorities let roam our streets.

  4. Religion is a disease … all of them

  5. Americans love to make everything about cults and satanic worship 😂😂

  6. The hell? Really? Way to get people to hate on one of the more peaceful religions for no reason again, if they believe this for a moment

  7. Richard allen obviously didn't do this. He's taking the blame and it's killing him.

  8. sounds like a perfect smoke screen for the media to repeat . There doing there job to get their client free

  9. I don’t know any witches or pagen who hurt and sacrifice young girls

  10. 😢😢 what happened did the media mess up so now they r saying this

  11. When we knew nothing, this case was odd. The more we know the odder is gets… it just doesn't make sense.

  12. If there's DNA it doesn't matter what warrant or anything if you did the crime he's going to do the time and we don't need no bembo's trying to represent a criminal.

  13. So……….. how is a PAGAN cult…… nationalists?

  14. It's so sad to say that all religions are tainted. But when you have paganism and odinic religions that are crucifying human beings. And don't forget Christians and Catholics did the same thing. That's pretty sad and extreme. But people need to wake up. Every God like people does the same. Unfortunately it's not in the public eye like other beliefs. Just do good with your neighbors. And do good with strangers. It's really not that hard people. Get off of your high horse. You ain't no better than the next person. We all have the same blood. Don't forget that when you're in the hospital and you need a transfusion. The guy down the street can save your life.

  15. White on white crime smh

  16. Sounds believable. I’m gonna go ahead with my gut on this one. Not Guilty!

  17. What about RA's confession to his wife and mother?