Monday , November 30 2020
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Rick Perry: US ‘on the verge of being a net energy exporter’

Energy Secretary Rick Perry discusses the booming American energy sector and his compliance with the Trump impeachment inquiry.

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  1. "Thank you, brother." Rick's cool.

  2. Rick Perry was a good governor, he keep Texas better off then most states during the Recession. Glad he is serving our President in his Cabinet 👍

  3. It's scary that Rick Perry is in charge of that agency

  4. Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden.  While JAROD & IVANKA ARE DOING THE SAME AND WORSE DIRECTLY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE RIGHT NOW, as well as ever since they were mysteriously elevated to executive roles.  For the first time in US history, family of uninformed, neophyte novices are all that’s left of the administration and all that’s left at the reigns of our current government.  HOW YOU GONNA CARE ABOUT CORRUPTION FROM LAST TERM AND NOT RIGHT NOW IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?  WHOLE IDEA OF DJT PURSUING CORRUPTION IN ANY ROLE OTHER THAN PERPETRATOR IS OUT-OF-CHARACTER, UTTERLY DISINGENUOUS AND BLATANTLY IN-CREDIBLE.

  5. and you are on your way to be indicted !!!!!😀

  6. If DIZZY LIZ COULD GET her hands on TRILLIONS of DOLLARS…she should pay off the $22 TRILLION debt that she & other Dems allowed to accrue under the -0- admin…. ordinary youth will inherit that debt… cuz ordinary citizens don't have the "PAY TO PLAY" steal taxpayer $$ & pass those stolen/ unearned $$ to their non-performing children/grandchildren !

  7. Perry is so clueless ~ TRUMP made this happen. Not one thing this rhino ever did ~

  8. Export LNG but please keep the OIL. 🇺🇸🗽☮️

  9. A majority of Americans want our immoral lying president behind bars

  10. If we shouldn't send our soldiers to other countries, why send our fuel to other countries? There's only so much of it in the ground. Extract what we need and leave the rest for future generations. Oh, and if we have so much of it, how 'bout lowering the retail prices so we have a little more money to pay for our health insurance?

  11. Imagine that, America getting some recognition and respect in the future? The Dems are pissed.

  12. All-time low employment for decades, energy exportation; meanwhile California has planned blackouts, medieval diseases and you systemic lawlessness. How? I know it's run utterly TERRIBLE, but how can it be so bad for so long when we are otherwise doing so well?

  13. Export of LNG energy by USA.
    Export's include oil's from vegetables? Like vegetable oil!🤔

  14. Nuclear power. We'd be a net energy exporter

  15. louisianna is all about bayous…..LNG ……gators ……..and gumbo. "all these woods back up in here is our hoooome".you understand?

  16. We have been exporting now under President trump.

  17. Well what do you expect when threatens your competion.

  18. American foreign policy changes because of this. Disruption in the global energy market is now good for business. Expect America to walk away from the Mideast. Expect those bases to close.

  19. THE DIRTBAG DEMS WILL SABOTAGE this immediately. This would make Trump even more successful and the Dems would rather "We the People" pay for foreign fuel than admit Trump is doing great things for the people.

    Pelosi can suck my NUTSACK!

  20. We can't be exporters until enegery is free here first!!!

  21. “…in the next 18 months”. Only if Trump’s re-elected. If a dem is, all of this will be shut down. Remember: comrade bernie voted to put energy company executives in prison for the horrible crime of harming the planet. He actually said that. Let that sink in.

  22. 4$ for fuel gallon in CA and 5 $ coming sooner then later.

  23. Rick Perry sounds like Rex Tellerson.

  24. Saudis gone dump oil trades from petro $ to petro Yuan.Sooner then later.

  25. 500$ for LNG 1,000 meter cubic and 270$ for Russian LNG 1,000 meter cubic.

  26. Lol 15 years ago OSU (liberal colleges in general) was telling people in ohio they would never drill one once of oil out of the ground. Yep a bunch of liberal thugs brain washing young adults to think they need the goverment to tell them what to do and what is real. They almost got away with it but now were drilling everywhere.

  27. Our goals should not be unmitigated extraction of our fossil fuel resources, our goal should be to maximize energy efficiency through better use of construction materials and urban planning. Faster extraction does not negate the fact that the geologically stored fossil fuels are a finite resource. We also need to think of our future generations when we are long gone.

  28. Sounds like Texas is just gonna buy the entire USA back from MCA, lets start dropping them smart meters now that we got the opportunity…throw these computers away because they're using a combined radio wave through HARRP to influx a broader array through Frontiers, AT&T, and Spectrum D.E.W. people herding. Sh*ts rolling uphill now..

  29. what is the swamp in the house trying to to do the department of energy ? Let me guess the demorats are jealous that the Trump administration is made the U.S.A. export energy instead of decades of being addicted on O.P.E.C.

  30. Rick Perry is quietly doing a hellava job!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. PERRY: US on the verge of being a net energy exporter.
    DEMs: Arrest him!

  32. on the verge of? this already happened in 2014 under obama

  33. How about a thanks for President Trump Rick Perry. a traitor in my eyes

  34. They should export all of the coal and crude oil as well, then mandate electric transportation! (ridiculous)

  35. The let's tell the Saudis and Russians to…uh…SIT ON! their OIL! [drilling rigs]

  36. I would like to know what Rick is doing to keep our arsenal out of the hands of Congressman Swalwell.

  37. This is good, fewer nations will mess with us if they are partially dependent on our energy exports.

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