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Ring, Amazon sued over string of hacked security cameras | ABC News

The lawsuit claims the products are too vulnerable to hacking.

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  1. It is always the customer fault, unbelievable.

  2. Cybercriminals are more dangerous than regular Criminals

  3. If you buy a camera system to spy on your premises or children..
    Expect to be spied upon yourself..

  4. Liar Liar pants on fire ,Why do you need cameras inside your home ,why in your kids room ? It's call get up and walk to check on them really people ,alarm for doors and windows are fine to keep burglars outside ,lights ,even a camera or 2 outside ,he sold you an ideal from fear ,not thinking clearly and your desire to have the latest gadget now you want to sue when we hear about hacking almost daily ,you played a major role ,you put your family's at risk , sorry for the kids , frightening

  5. Damn!!!!! Jamie Siminoff just stammered all through that response. I barely recognized his voice it was so high pitched. He wasn't the calm and collected Jamie of the past. So sad. Very glad I'm not part of that anymore. Or Alexa.

  6. Anyone who has anything like that in their house is stupid!!! How can you not expect surveillance of you and your home when YOU intentionally install a surveillance device in your home. Wake up people ! Don’t trust big tech or the government by any means!

  7. Lets see who's more important AMAZON and their paedophile organisation or protecting innocent children 🤔

  8. Why do Americans watch their own home with cameras? I don’t think that Europeans are doing that.
    May be it is necessary in a prison, making sure that the inmates are not escaping.
    But I never would track my own home. 😱😱😱

  9. Don't buy cameras with Internet or WiFi, this way it won't be hackable.

  10. Yeah, and the police forces that were pushing these along with Amazon should also be sued.

    I don't know WHAT it is about Americans being so quick to adopt technology that functions over the internet and so quickly make the assumption that these items are safe from hacking.

    Jesus people your smartphones, whether it's an Apple or Samsung or other brand can be hacked, and the crazy thing is most people assume these are safe devices and never even install internet security and virus protection on them, even though it's been shown time and time again people get hacked via their smart phones, and they are WAY more complex, with built in security than a CAMERA.

  11. Why anyone would put a camera inside their home is beyond me. Outside yes. Hacking isn't something that is new. Been around for some time. Give me an old car without computers running it.

  12. Why do people install it inside their house?

  13. Stop being slow and put 2 step verification on works with every other site and If you don’t put it on its likely it gunna get hacked or just log into by accident

  14. This has been happening way before 'ring cameras'. People who don't know anything about technology completely skip setting up security measures.. like a password…. or they do 1234. This isn't rings fault in my opinion. I'd figure people would have enough common sense to set a pass or at least look up how to do everything with the camera off the bat

  15. Nothing is hack proof, dumb ass people just want to be paid for being stupid.

  16. People should THINK !
    Why would you invite more surveillance into your life ?
    Aren't your cellphone, tv, computer, and your new wifi appliances enough ??
    Oh.. google "can LED light bulbs collect and transmit data ?"
    Surprise 😎

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