Wednesday , October 28 2020
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Rishabh Pant ruled out of Rajkot ODI | Daily Cricket News

A round-up of all the top cricket stories from January 15, 2020

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  1. Dhoni should replace pant

  2. people who are celebrating a youngsters injury doesnt deserve to watch cricket. Fucktards

  3. He is a champion without him India can't win t-20 world cup

  4. Who wants abd to play cricket for South Africa again for it20

  5. Bahot badhiya hua vaise bhi hota bhi to kuch nahi karta.

  6. My prayers never been ruled out..Infact let him be rested forever …

  7. Except for kohli , sharma bumrah and shami no one can take team out of tough situations .
    Newcomers only feed on when they are getting carried by seniors but when it matters the most they fail to perform .
    Team India became the best only because of some selective best players .
    The current Indian team is dependant only on individuals whereas Australians are completely skilled performers in terms of talent in the playingX1
    They are way ahead when it comes to team performance .
    If india loses this series badly then this year is going to be salty for every india player in this coming future they have to be ready to get criticized by fans

  8. Kohli shouldn't change his batting position at any cost…he is worlds best batsman at no. 3 position in ODI 💓💪💪

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