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RNC: Nicholas Sandmann calls out 'cancel culture' in support of Pres. Trump | USA TODAY

Nicholas Sandmann calls out ‘cancel culture’.
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Nicholas Sandmann, a teenager who was at the center of an incident at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019, shares his story and support of Pres. Trump.

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  1. Don't look now but Trump is canceling GOP representatives, AKA cancel culture.

  2. This video is humiliating enough kid

  3. Another product of incest! what was canceled his subscription to PS4 live? What a clown!

  4. So if the left is the side that is “responsible for cancel culture” then can someone please explain what that fiasco with trump and Goodyear was. Because it seems a lot like cancel culture

  5. There’s no such thing as cancel culture it’s just holding people accountable for their bigoted actions! Stay mad Trumpets 😚💅

  6. The irony of cancel culture is the Republicans do it and have done so surreptitiously for years. They can fire someone for being gay until recently or deny a person a hotel room because They are Asian or black or any other different ethnicity. They arrest people for medical cannabis for children. They ostracize people from their churches and organizations. What a bunch of hypocritical snowflakes.

  7. Take all that money, from the Fake News media outlets! Proud of this boy

  8. Nobody was prepared … Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :

  9. Who will be next to speak? Kyle Rittenhouse? Cesar Sayoc?
    Roger Stone? Paul Manafort?
    Steve "White Race" Bannon?

  10. Maybe the media is saying all the truth and Trump is the liar? If 100 people say he is lying and only 5 people say he is saying the truth, there must be a reason.

  11. The guy calls out the cancel culture at the Republican convention for the re-election of President Trump while recently President Trump attempted to cancel Goodyear! It doesn't get more ridiculous than that.

  12. Taking a clip out of context to pile on this teenager is dishonest reporting. Does USAToday want to get sued too?

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  14. FAKE News is the enemy of the people – Donald J Trump President of the United States of America. Spend CNN's money with abandon, you still have NBC, ABC, CBS, NYT and others behind that.

  15. Before commenting about this brat let’s do some research and stop believing all their BS! He is only saying what happened when they got caught but nothing about who were the instigators

  16. Look, if you don’t like something, then don’t support it. It’s not cancel culture, it’s capitalism.

  17. I think this dude failed to consider the fact that
    A. Not everyone has a political party they identify with
    B. You usually get canceled for being a piece of shit, so try not to be one

  18. Intelligent people do their research. They investigate. They seek truth. They consider what they know and what they do not know, and if they know too little, they remain neutral. This is a perfect example of how the media and so many people today are no more evolved than the times of the Salem witch trials. I’m happy this boy got justice. Stay strong Nick!

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  21. This kid is a little douche bag. If he's the face of the GOP, we're all in trouble.

  22. ah yes cancel culture a form of accountability that the media has created for individuals that spread lies or hate. Something this country lacks a great deal of… Accountability

  23. The Black Hebrew Israelite adults verbally attacked the kids simply for the color of their skin. These were horrible, vile, racist attacks and they faced practically no condemnation or scrutiny. Nathan Phillips, a stolen valor fake Vietnam veteran, intentionally got into the face of a child beating a drum… claiming that he was "blocked" which was proven to be completely false by the full video. He also faced very little condemnation or scrutiny. The KID in this situation, literally stood still and smiled and was turned into a villain for smiling while white.

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